Coach Search: Why Texans Job Opening Is No. 1

The NFL is about to start its Coaching Carousel and the Houston Texans vacancy might be the top job because of one very special reason
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans have won two in a row and have a chance to play spoiler this weekend hosting the Indianapolis Colts in NFL Week 13 action. 

Coming off the win over the Lions, plenty was made among national media folks about the potential of the Texans being the best opening in this round of open positions. 

Our own Cody Stoots and Houston radio hosts Landry Locker and Mike Meltser detail their thoughts on the potential of the other open NFL jobs, coordinator Tim Kelly making a 2021 return to the Texans, and how Jack Easterby put the team behind for next year with his negotiating techniques. 


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The Texans own a huge check in the right column if you're doing a pros and cons list of the open, or soon to be open, NFL jobs. 

Stoots: "Comparing it tomorrow to every potential opening that pops up in the NFL, Deshaun Watson gets that checkmark. You've got that quarterback situation figured out ... He's continued to showcase, look, this is a guy that if you're a coach you should be very excited that guy is going to be your quarterback. He has the chance to be in the same zip code, on the same street as Patrick Mahomes."

While Watson may catch eyes from around the NFL, perhaps the Texans should be keeping watch on a certain candidate. 

Locker: "I think a guy who was under the radar in the Patriots building for a long time, won five Super Bowl rings there, is a guy that deserves a little more consideration than we've been giving him. And I'm talking about Brian Daboll out there in Buffalo ... I think this is a guy we need to look at as a potential Texans coach."

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