A big comeback on Sunday did not necessarily mean a big move up the NFL power rankings for the Tennessee Titans.

A 33-30 overtime victory at Seattle evened the Titans’ record at 1-1 but split the opinions of major media outlets that produce weekly rankings. Of 12 surveyed by All Titans, nine ranked Tennessee higher than the previous week, two actually had Mike Vrabel’s team ranked lower than in Week 2 and one had it at exactly the same spot.

“You have to steal a couple on the road, and I think we certainly could put that one in that category,” Vrabel said.

Some, it seems, were not impressed.

A rundown of where the Titans fall in notable NFL power rankings after Week 1 and what each outlet has to say about them:

SI.com: No. 15. Last week: No. 21

The Titans took one on the chin in Week 1 and then fell behind early in Week 2, but it was nice to see them not just battle back against the Seahawks but do it in a way we’ve seen them win in this run the last few years under Mike Vrabel. Derrick Henry’s workload is ridiculous, but I think, at this point, I’ll just continue to believe in him until the wheels fall off. A home win over the Colts this week could already put them in control of the division.

NFL.com: No. 16. Last week: No. 20

The Gritty & Gutty Effort Of The Week award belongs to the Titans, who stormed back from a 30-16 fourth-quarter deficit in Seattle to steal a 33-30 win in overtime. It was a big-time win against a premium opponent, made possible by a defense that tightened up when it mattered and a running back who's pretty much better than anybody else on the planet. Derrick Henry went off in the second half, scoring three touchdowns in the final two quarters -- doing it all behind an offensive line besieged by injuries. Henry's combination of size and speed remains breathtaking in action -- the acceleration away from cornerbacks he showed during his 60-yard scoring run shouldn't be physically possible. He is the Titans' ace in the hole. As long as he's on the field, they have a chance.

The Athletic: No. 17. Last week: No. 20

This was an important bounce-back week for Ryan Tannehill after he and the Titans were steamrolled by the Cardinals in Week 1. Tennessee went back to what Tannehill does well — leaning on the run game, relying heavily on play action and taking big shots when they’re open. And speaking of taking shots: Julio Jones caught that touchdown in bounds and it’s a travesty it was overturned.

Yahoo! Sports: No. 19. Last week: No. 18

Derrick Henry is from another era, and it's great. No other running back looks like him, plays like him or has anywhere near the workload he does. He had 41 touches and 237 total yards in a win the Titans needed. And if the Titans ask next week, he'll probably do the same thing again.

CBS Sports: No. 17. Last week: No. 19

That could have been a season-saving victory against the Seahawks. They showed a ton of fight in finding a way to rally on the road.

ESPN.com: No. 16. Last week: No. 18

Since we are being forced to pick a positive surprise fantasy performer, [Julio] Jones is the pick. Being out for most of training camp resulted in questions about developing chemistry with Ryan Tannehill early in the season. The two didn't seem like they were exactly on the same page in the season opener, when Jones finished with three receptions for 39 yards. But they rebounded in Week 2. After two games, Jones has caught nine of the 14 targets that have gone his way for a total of 157 yards.

New York Post: No. 10. Last week: No. 17

A win in Seattle any time is noteworthy. A win in Seattle when the NFL’s rowdy “12s” fan base is back in the building for the first time since 2019 is impressive. The new facet of Derrick Henry’s game (six catches) could be what takes Henry (182 yards and three touchdowns on the ground) to the first non-quarterback MVP since 2012.

USA Today: No. 12. Last week: No. 19

Didn't take RB Derrick Henry long to vault back to the top of his customary place on the league rushing charts. He's currently the only player in the NFL who's exceeded 200 yards (240) and is on early pace for another 2,000-yard season, if only by virtue of the 17-game schedule.

Bleacher Report: No. 17. Last week: No. 17

The star of Sunday's win for the Titans was unquestionably running back Derrick Henry, who dominated the game's second half. By the time the team lined up for the game-winning kick, Henry had piled up 182 yards and three touchdowns on the ground, while adding 55 more yards on six receptions.

… Tennessee needs Henry to continue stepping up in a big way. Over the next six games, the Titans face the rival Colts twice and host both the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pro Football Network: No. 17. Last week: No. 16

The Titans are a talented 1-1 team, but their secondary appears to be a fatal flaw with this defense. Far too often, we’ve watched big plays made downfield to wide-open receivers. It’s difficult to feel good about them moving forward if they can’t find good offensive tackle play.

Ryan Tannehill played okay given the circumstances, but there were a few times the defense made him visibly uncomfortable throughout the game. Even Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown, and Julio Jones may not be enough to overcome their defensive flaws.

Sporting News: No. 13. Last week: No. 17

The Titans won't mess with their winning formula under Mike Vrabel. They remain a dangerous offense playing off Derrick Henry with Ryan Tannehill playing at a high level, with Julio Jones replacing Corey Davis. Their defense still has considerable holes and will keep them from being on the same plane as other AFC playoff teams.

Athlon Sports: No. 17. Last week: No. 23

A 15-point comeback from an offense not really used to playing from behind like that was almost as impressive as the freight train that was Derrick Henry on Sunday. If Julio Jones keeps making his presence known with each passing quarter too, then maybe this is back to being the AFC South team to beat by a wide margin.