Malcolm Butler, who had no interceptions in the regular season and was a rookie free-agent from Western Alabama, saw Seattle’s receivers were lined up to run a pick route. He jumped the route and intercepted the ball at the goal line. The Patriots were able to run the clock out and win their fourth Super Bowl in franchise history.RANK: 25 LOCATION: University of Phoenix Stadium | Glendale, Ariz. DATE: 2/1/2015 CATEGORY: NFL

By Banks
March 02, 2013

With 27 seconds left in Super Bowl XLIX and down by four points to the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks had the ball on the New England one-yard line. With a timeout to use and powerful running back Marshawn Lynch, most analysts and fans thought a run was coming. Instead, Russell Wilson dropped back and attempted a pass, which was intercepted by Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, sealing the victory for the Patriots.

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