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Richard Sherman, Darrelle Revis Have War of Words on Social Media

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I really wish former greats would stop hating on the current top guys in the game. I'm not sure what they gain. I suppose there is some perceived threat to their legacy at play. 

Perhaps the line of thinking is if someone is balling at the moment it may make people forget what they once did. However, I'd argue it is much more likely they are remembered less fondly if current fans don't like them. Which is why I have no idea what compelled Darrelle Revis to criticize Richard Sherman for not playing man-to-man coverage (from his couch mind you). 

This as Sherman was in the midst of an NFC Championship Game that saw he and the 49ers blow out Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay. Of course Sherman plays within a scheme, one that has put him in position to win another Super Bowl. Revis should realize that. 

Maybe he was simply too busy viewing the game individually, or on an island if you will. Because his comments came off as straight hating, not worthwhile analysis.

I guess he just didn't want a former peer looked at like he was on his tier. Which is a shame coming from a corner, who alongside Deion Sanders, I consider to be the best to ever play. What Revis says online won't change that for me. But there may be those who do think about it when they look back on the cornerback. And this message doesn't go for just Darrelle Revis.

Consider it a PSA to all former greats. Don't say the current game is easy or call modern players soft. It doesn't make you look better, only bitter.