Kirk Cousins talks his side of sideline discussion with receiver Adam Thielen

Brian Hall

Kirk Cousins spoke after Sunday's loss about the sideline confrontation between he and Vikings Pro Bowl wide receiver Adam Thielen.

"It was just kind of a deal in trying to be on the same page with the route, as to what he was doing," Cousins said. "Obviously, I’m trying to throw with anticipation and trying to read his body language before he breaks, and just talking about how to make sure we’re able to come away with the right play there. And he was able to communicate back to me what he’s doing, why he’s doing, what he needs. So, it was just good communication back and forth to get on the same page, and try to understand what we each need to be successful.”

Cousins said Thielen didn't run the wrong route but added that part of the discussion was his time to throw.

"Yep, just trying to say, ‘If you do that, I don’t have the time to wait on that usually. I don’t know you’re doing that,'" Cousins said. "Again, those are conversations he and I have. To talk about it now, it’s going to get misconstrued and misinterpreted. Adam’s my guy. He’s the best, and I want to have more of those conversations. I actually liked the passion back and forth. I want to do more of that. I want to let us both be who we are and have those discussions because he’s the kind of guy we can do that with going forward. I’m excited about the years ahead to build a rapport with these guys because this was Year 1. I remember when I played in Washington and we went to the playoffs, and at the end, the message was, ‘Hey, this was only your first year starting. Think how much better you can get each year going forward.’ I feel much the same time here in my time with the Vikings. This is just Year 1. There are times through the season where I say, ‘Boy, you give me another OTAs, another minicamp, another training camp to build up a library of reps with these guys and get audibles and codewords, and go a little deeper with each guy and what their skill set is and what they do well, you can add layers to this offense, and I’m excited about that.’”