Stefon Diggs Addresses Last Week's Rumors: "I Never Said I Was Unhappy or Uncomfortable with my Role"

Will Ragatz

Things are back to normal for Stefon Diggs, as far as anyone can tell.

Exactly one week ago, Diggs made headlines by skipping practice for an undisclosed reason. Tensions and rumors had been building up about his satisfaction with his role in the offense, considering he hadn't spoken to reporters in two weeks and had been visibly frustrated on the sidelines of recent games.

That missed practice sent trade speculation into a frenzy. The next day, last Thursday, Diggs finally spoke to the media, giving the now-famous "truth to all rumors" line. He blamed his absence on feeling ill, making sure he coughed and sniffled for the cameras a few times, but he was never given the "illness" designation by the Vikings.

It later came out that he was given a very steep fine of over $200,000 for missing practice and other team activities earlier in the week, perhaps confirming that illness did not play a role. His status for the game was unclear, but Diggs played on Sunday against the Giants and celebrated with his teammates throughout a much-needed victory. Afterwards, he told ESPN reporter Josina Anderson that he wants to be in Minnesota, then winked.

On Wednesday, he spoke to reporters again and answered a few questions about what went down last week. He said he never felt the need to address the team regarding the whole situation.

When a reporter joked about getting over his cold, he said he "feels a little bit better," faked a cough and couldn't hold back a smile.

Diggs said that rumors of him being unsatisfied with his role in the offense were false, and that his frustration merely stemmed from the team's two losses.

"I never said I was unhappy or uncomfortable with my role," Diggs said. "I said I wanted to win – that’s where my frustrations were. That’s where it kind of got misconstrued last week. I never said anything about the comments y’all were saying, I moreso kept it focused on: I want to win. When I don’t win – when we don’t win, rather – I’m frustrated.”

Check out the video of his comments below.

Diggs can continue to put this controversy behind him with a big game against the Eagles this Sunday.

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He is starting to sound like he doesn't want to get fined again. His body language doesn't change and seems like he wants out.