The Vikings began their voluntary, virtual offseason program on Monday, and among those reportedly participating is star running back Dalvin Cook. That's notable because Cook is entering the final season of his rookie deal and is still without a contract extension.

There was some thought that Cook would consider holding out from offseason activities until receiving a new deal, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Of course, things could still change going forward.

These voluntary meetings the Vikings are having will take place completely in the virtual sphere and are limited to workouts. It's considered Phase One of the offseason and will last two weeks, with individual players restricted to 90 minutes per day with strength and conditioning coaches, according to

Phase Two will be next, during which time all of the coaches can be involved in putting players through individual drills.

The Vikings have a very interesting decision to make with Cook. He's a key player in their run-heavy offense and also adds value as a pass-catcher, but the recent history of running backs receiving second contracts in the NFL isn't pretty.

The Panthers became the first team to hand out a big-money contract for a class of 2017 running back this offseason, signing Christian McCaffrey to a four-year, $64 million extension. It was a huge deal that could have a significant impact on negotiations between Cook and the Vikings.

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