A Touchdown of Statements Cap Off a Franchise Defining Day

The Washington Football Team is almost always in the headlines for more bad reasons than good. Wednesday was a lot of bad but..
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There's nothing like a day full of Washington Post scandal reporting and a touchdown worth of statements about alleged boorish behavior and something that is actually a positive message and decision made by adults that are in charge. 

Wednesday started off with hope. A day off for the players might actually lead to a day that everyone could take a breath and you know, have a life. 

The Post bombshell was dropped a couple of days later than I expected it, because I was given a tip that something big was happening early last week. 

Nobody knew exactly when the bomb would be released and that sends everyone into full panic and response mode. 

Including Dan Snyder who released a statement first and in front of everyone, which was probably the most surprising and theatrical performance of the day. 

In one letter he managed to gain my understanding and appreciation for possible change and a non tone-deaf boss. 

Then he completely ruined it by shredding the validity of the report and the accusers by simply saying I didn't do it or I have no knowledge of it, while calling the reporting essentially a sham. 

That did not serve Snyder well. He ruined any possible public relations gain because he did what he's often been accused of in the past. He was stubborn and vindictive. He wanted to defend himself in the court of public opinion and that's a battle he can't win. 

Following Snyder's dismissive stand, the NFL issued a strongly worded statement that I felt set the right tone. 

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It properly conveyed how frustrated and angry they are at the decay of the franchise under the leadership of Snyder. 

In the statement, the NFL said everything short of what they could likely be thinking, which is 'if you don't do this, we're going to get rid of you' and quite honestly, that's how they should be operating 

The NFL is far, far from perfect but the shield is important. Integrity and doing as many things possible in the right way is crucial to the image of the league and the commissioner. 

Snyder has made that near impossible for the NFL to defend, so their statement was essentially an admission of how angry they are with him, while stopping short of making the next big demand. 

The team then issued a statement that seemed like the right tone and message. Probably because someone fairly smart wrote it. 

After that statement, the new President of the organization, Jason Wright, had a thoughtful response. 

Julie Donaldson, the organization's new Senior Vice President of Media shared her feelings on the matter. 

And then as if there wasn't enough going on Wednesday, the rest of the sports world made a protest against more police brutality  in Wisconsin to a black man, who might be paralyzed for the rest of his life after a completely unnecessary repeated shooting. 

That left an organization that had done far too much of the wrong thing for 20 + years to do the right thing as they have done a much better job of this offseason, oddly enough since Ron Rivera was hired. 

Simply this was the smart thing to do and it sends a message that the organization is trying to do the right thing as often as they can but when it is appropriate. 

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