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ESPN's Dan Orlovsky on Dwayne Haskins

Everyone has an opinion on Dwayne Haskins. That's how it goes when you're a struggling young QB. ESPN's Dan Orlovsky put his on video.

Through two weeks of his 2nd NFL season, it's beyond clear that Dwayne Haskins is a major work in progress. 

That was known by everyone going into the season and nobody should have been fooled by his strong offseason.

Yet they were. Well most were. 

It was always going to get harder for the former first-round pick. He has hardly no NFL experience and he was only the starter for one very successful year at Ohio State. 

Many thought he was beyond raw when the Washington Football Team took him at No. 15 overall in 2019 and they weren't wrong. 

It was part of the reason why Jay Gruden and his coaching staff was completely out on Haskins, because they didn't have time to develop him. 

Ron Rivera now has time and the opportunity. The Washington Football Team are not a rebuilding TEAM. They are a rebuilding offense. 

With that - comes bumps in the road. The WFT offense right now feels and looks like they are hitting pot holes instead of just bumps. 

All is not lost by any means but the judge and jury in many cases have already rendered their decision. 

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ESPN's Dan Orlovsky played the position. He knows what it takes. It doesn't mean he's 100% right but obviously you take his expertise and you throw it into the basket of opinions and it has more weight to it than mine or yours. 

Here's what Orlovsky is thinking after two weeks. 

I think it's a more than fair, calm and rational analysis of Haskins, who has and always had a ton to improve on. 

“I’d probably say the biggest thing would just be trusting the play, not coming off of something just because of trying to make something bigger happen on the next read or moving through the pocket worried about pressure," Haskins said in the video above via "The biggest thing is just trusting the play, playing the play out and not letting the last play affect the new play and just focusing on what my reads are and not trying to bypass a one or two-yard completion that could be a first down and try to throw a 15, 14-yard curl route. Just trying to make sure the play and completion game moves us down the field.”

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Clearly - he needs to take a modest jump this weekend in Cleveland or the noise will get louder and louder with each inconsistent performance. 

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