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Rewinding on WFT-Cards - 1st Quarter

Here's what I'm thinking on Monday evening with a little bit of time to digest the Washington Football Team loss to the Arizona Cardinals

A bunch of random thoughts of the Washington Football Team 30-15 loss in Arizona, as I watch as much of the game back (slowly) as possible. 

"We played two teams today. Them and ourselves," Ron Rivera said. He's so right. 

**The game started off with an ominous tone for me and I tried hammering this home on twitter. A special teams penalty (Cam Sims) on the opening kick return along with a hold by rookie Khaleke Hudson felt like a bad tone setter. 

Maybe it was? Maybe it wasn't? Special teams are always more important to me than most in the media. Many just couldn't give a you-know-what. 

It's one of the first things I look at. 

Sims penalty on the opening play of the game cost Washington 12 yards of field position. Hudson's hold on the first punt by Tress Way gave Arizona possession of the ball on Washington's 48-yard line after the ten-yard mark-off. 

**Landon Collins had a to tough first series as well. Not only was he the apparent culprit on the miscommunication between him and Fabian Moreau on the opening touchdown for Arizona, but he also had a holding penalty that gave Arizona a first down. 

It came on a first down incomplete so it didn't necessarily cost Washington anything more than five yards but it still counts. Part of a sloppy start in so many ways for Rivera's guys. 

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To be fair, Collins did have a surprising interception on Kyler Murray that set up the Washington offense perfectly. I say surprising simply because pass coverage is not his strength. It looks like the WFT defense was in a two-deep safety shell look. 

**On Antonio Gibson's 2nd run of the game, he slips off a tackle with relative easy on a nice shift cut and gains six yards. 

Gibson had another sweet eight-yard run on the next series in which he made a nice jump-cut to get around the would be tackler. 

While we're talking about the rookie running back and this was later on in the game,  here's his first NFL touchdown. I love the way he bounces off of tacklers. Three times in these three plays that I described. 

I'm trying to be more positive than ever Washington Football fans. I'm 47 and I feel some sort of legitimate hope for the first time in forever. 2012? December of 2015? 

I'm trying. It's not easy. 

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