Jordan is 'Juiced Up' for McKissic

Chris Russell

There are bigger names in the Washington Football Team running backs' room than J.D. McKissic. 

There might not be a bigger addition to the offense than McKissic. 

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Perhaps fans just haven't been able to see what he can potentially bring but McKissic has a tantalizing skill set that should compliment Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice well, especially as the primary third down back. 

However - it's more than just what he brings on one down a pop. It's something that I asked longtime running backs coach Randy Jordan to expand on. 

If what Jordan said doesn't fire you up, you can dismiss it (if you want) because you've probably heard stuff like this in the past and then been disappointed. 

I'll take and I'm sold on this: "He can take it from anywhere on the field and go score six for you." 

I know the same was said about Chris Thompson too and when Thompson was fully healthy, it was true. 

Clearly, the No. 1 issue with any running back is health. A perfect example is Derrius Guice. That element is much harder to control and predict. 

If you have the athletic ability and track record, along with staying healthy, you can put it all together. 

"He catches the ball extremely well, he is smart, he is smart and can line up in different formations, can create mismatches and he can be a danger in the return game, he has covered kicks. He is a guy in my opinion that the ceiling -- he has a lot of room before he hits that ceiling," Jordan said. 

If the tape on McKissic and the words of Jordan match up with what we see on the field - Washington Football Team fans are going to love a free agent signing that was considered an afterthought by many. 

Now he just has to prove Jordan, the organization and to a much lesser degree, me, right. 

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Good RB Talent + mediocre OL talent = mediocre running game. I appreciate seeing a good running play, but seeing the Washington RB's hit at or behind the LOS on running play after running play tells me if they had drafted OL for as many years as they drafted RB, the offense would be in better shape. Add in two QBs with broken legs and you kind of wonder at what point drafting a center and a left tackle become a priority for this team.