Odds Shark: Odds on Redskins Future New Name

Chris Russell

The first set of odds that I've seen are out for what the new name will be for the current Washington Redskins. 

Here's the list via Odds Shark:

Here's my thoughts on the list. NO. And Thanks. How about that?

Capitols? Really? Was someone drunk when they typed that? Ever hear of the Washington ummm Capitals? 

I do like the heavy D.C. theme and flavor but none of them roll off the tongue. Maybe the Americans and that is about it.

What do you call them for short? The Am's? No.

The spirit of the list is strong because there's one thing the organization must do and that is completely divorce itself in every single way of ANYTHING to do with a "tribute" or to honor Native Americans. 

It's not going to work. Please don't be that dumb. This last two weeks has taken 20 years off of my life. 

I've heard that ideally Dan Snyder would like to keep the color theme of burgundy and gold in some way along with the logo. 

Yes on the first. Hell no on the second. Put it away forever. 

Don't give your critics anything to keep killing you about and please don't choose anything that can remotely be controversial in 20 years, two years or two months. 

Just don't do it! Nike style. You know that Nike which slithered there way into a protest of the Redskins name without having the guts to declare their intentions. 

RedskinsReport.com's George Carmi put his list of top-five choices together, while I analyzed his list via SI Video.

Five Possible New Names for Snyder & 'Skins

Pressure is mounting in the nation's capital, as the Washington Football team is under duress and the team's nickname is now put into question. Over the last 48 hours, corporate sponsors and partners, most notably the FedEx Corporation, PepsiCo and Nike Inc. have brought insurmountable pressure to the feet of team owner Dan Snyder.

George's list is much more viable and creative than the Odds Shark list but lacks the D.C. and Nation's Capital feel to it. 

I know nobody will like my early clubhouse leader but for some reason the "Washington Freedom" speaks to me. 

Yes, I know there was a women's professional soccer team named as such but they've been gone for almost a decade. That's enough. 

"Freedom" as in we're free of the never ending and often ridiculous debate and controversy. Freedom to choose and support whatever you want. 

Freedom as in independence  on Independence Day. Which happens to be now

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