Ranking the Top-15 Washington Football Team Players (10-6)

Chris Russell

The 2020 training camp is underway, players have reported, and practices will ensue. Soon after training camp is completed, the league this year, due to COVID-19, will hit the ground running. There is no pre-season for the players and coaches to get acclimated, so if there were any season for a team's best players to show up and produce on day one, this would be the year for it.

Now it's time to reveal the second installment of our three-part series on the Washington Football Team's (WFT) top 15 players on the roster. The criteria for the list is simple - the top 15 players who will make the most impact in 2020, regardless of past performance.

10.) Adrian Peterson

Position: Running Back

Age: 35

No. of Seasons with WFT: 3

2020 Outlook: In 2019, Peterson, at 34 years old, was the second-best player on the WFT's offense behind wide receiver Terry McLaurin. The future Hall of Fame running back has undoubtedly proven his ability to demand respect as an aged-veteran and has shown no signs of slowing down. Peterson has accumulated over 1,900 rushing yards, four yards per carry, and 12 touchdowns during his two-year tenure in Washington. Over these two years, Peterson has made a ton of plays for a stagnant and inept offense, and should not be discounted even with the return of former Stanford Cardinal Bryce Love.

Adrian Peterson already has the mindset of a mature veteran who understands that multiple players may share his time, so a lack of touches won't affect him. Just look out when he does get his carries, because Peterson's juice will be well-timed.

9.) Brandon Scherff

Position: Right Guard

Age: 28

No. of Seasons with WFT: 6

2020 Outlook: Scherff enters the 2020 season as the best offensive lineman that Washington has. His last three seasons may bring a cause for concern injury-wise, as it will be hard to be fully confident in his ability to play a full season. However, when healthy and playing, Scherff (and former WFT Trent Williams) has been the anchor on one of the most inconsistent and injury-riddled position groups Washington has had in recent years.

Another note for Scherff, he is playing this season under the franchise tag. There won't be another Kirk Cousins situation here in Washington, so do not expect them to use two consecutive tags on Scherff when this season is over.

Alternatively, on the player side, if you are looking for a top tier contract at your respective position, the added motivation to perform at your highest is tied up in this one-year deal. With that being said, I fully expect Scherff to dominate the defensive lineman in front of him consistently.

8.) Derrius Guice

Position: Running Back

Age: 23

No. of Seasons with WFT: 3

2020 Outlook: As his contract year approaches in 2021, Guice unequivocally has something to prove this year, if he wants to remain in Washington long-term. Guice is entering treacherous territory given his tenure with the team thus far, even though he has arguably been the best back on the team when healthy. Which is why he comes in as the eighth-best player on the WFT's roster.

The team has big plans for Guice heading into 2020 and believes he can have a similar role as Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. Although their outlook may have changed with running back J.D. McKissic and rookie Antonio Gibson in the picture, Guice's coaches made comments that indicated their faith in him. He and Peterson can be one of the NFL's top rushing duos in 2020, a top-five one even.

7.) Jonathan Allen

Position: Defensive Tackle

Age: 25

No. of Seasons with WFT: 4

2020 Outlook: Allen has been the most vocal leader of this defense and may be of the entire team as of late. His play on the field has spoken numbers as well, where vocal players of years past have struggled to match the talk with their play. In 2020, Allen will be the most important player amongst his position group - not because he's the best player - but because he will hold everyone accountable. This is extremely important in a situation where head coach Ron Rivera and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio is implementing a 4-3 scheme, and the returning defensive linemen are taking on new responsibilities.

6.) Matt Ioannidis

Position: Defensive Tackle

Age: 26

No. of Seasons with WFT: 5

2020 Outlook: Ioannidis has been the most productive defensive lineman by far to this point, with 12 sacks in his second and third season, he earned hisself a three-year contract extension with Washington last year. Furthermore, he followed up his big payday with an 8.5 sack season in 2019.

With Ioannidis, he has always been third in the rotation when it comes to snap percentage behind Jonathan Allen and Da'Ron Payne. However, that has made him very effective, as each of his reps have been maximized. With the addition of Ryan Kerrigan, Ryan Anderson, and Chase Young now playing amongst the defensive lineman full-time, you can only wonder where his statistical production goes from here. Make no mistake though, Ioannidis is the best interior pass-rush Washington has.

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