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George Carmi

Each year, Forbes creates a list of the most valuable teams in professional sports.

This year, the Washington Football Team ranked as the 14th most valuable team in the world, and seventh in the NFL. They were valued at 3.4 Billion, tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The list consists of 27 NFL teams, nine NBA franchises, and seven teams from MLB and international soccer. No NHL teams were present.

Atop the list, the Dallas Cowboys are the world’s most valuable franchise, a distinction they have held for the last five years. They are joined by the New England Patriots (7th) and New York Giants (9th) as NFL franchises in the top-10.

Washington has traditionally been one of the most valuable franchises in the NFL. But the team’s relative value has been decreasing over the last two seasons. In 2018, the team was the fourth most valuable team in professional football, and in 2019 they were fifth.

It will be interesting to see if the name change and subsequent rebrand has any effect on valuation. The NFL does a good job of insulating their clubs with revenue sharing, and benefits from a TV deal that generates 6.5 Billion annually. Due to this, teams have a high-floor in terms of worth.

However, ticket sales also play a large role in the value of a team. And that is why NFL teams are commonly found on the Forbes list, they have a larger stadium capacity compared to other sport leagues. Will Washington fans come to games?

It may be impossible to measure this season, with decreased ticket sales across the board, due to the pandemic. That’s if they play the season at all.

Top-Ten Most Valuable Franchises:

  1. Dallas Cowboys, 5.5 Billion (NFL)
  2. New York Yankees, 5 Billion (MLB)
  3. New York Knicks, 4.6 Billion (NBA)
  4. Los Angeles Lakers, 4.4 Billion (NBA)
  5. Golden State Warriors, 4.3 Billion (NBA)
  6. Real Madrid, 4.24 Billion (Soccer)
  7. New England Patriots, 4.1 Billion (NFL)
  8. Barcelona 4.02, Billion (Soccer)
  9. New York Giants, 3.9 Billion (NFL)
  10. Manchester United, 3.81 Billion (Soccer)

Top-Ten Most Valuable NFL Franchises:

  1. Dallas Cowboys, 5.5 Billion
  2. New England Patriots, 4.1 Billion
  3. New York Giants, 3.9 Billion
  4. Los Angeles Rams, 3.8 Billion
  5. San Francisco 49ers, 3.5 Billion
  6. Chicago Bears, 3.45 Billion
  7. Washington Football Team, 3.4 Billion
  8. New York Jets, 3.2 Billion
  9. Houston Texans, 3.1 Billion
  10. Philadelphia Eagles, 3.05 Billion

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George Carmi joined "Washington Football" on SI.com in April. He is also an editor/contributing writer to FullPressCoverage.com or @FPC_Redskins. He is a native of the DC metropolitan area and is an avid fan of DC Sports. A former journalism major at the University of Maryland, his focus is now in public education. His earliest memories consist of Darrell Green, "The Posse" and Super Bowl XXVI. Follow him on twitter @Gcarmi21




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