No Fans At FedEx in 2020

Chris Russell

In a surprising decision (at least to me) the Washington Football Team announced on Wednesday morning that they will be fanless for the entire 2020 season. 

There appears to be a caveat: The headline of the press release said "Washington Football Team to Kick Off 2020 Season Without Fans at FedExField"

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How I interpret that headline is they plan to START the 2020 season (September 13th against the Eagles) without fans. 

However, early in the announcement the team states " The Washington Football Team announced today that NFL games at FedExField will be played without fans during the 2020 season." 

That indicates the entire season, which is how everyone is taking this as. A season long decision. 

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A bit further down in the release, they make it clear that the situation is fluid (as it should be) by saying "the decision will be re-evaluated by all parties should the situation surrounding the pandemic improve over the course of the season."

Perhaps it's a matter of semantics but the announcement absolutely leaves plenty of room for the decision to change but for now, the current plan is to go without fans for the entire season. 

This is the correct move (obviously) for the Washington Football Team. Having 10,000 or so fans at FedExField would be nice for those 'lucky' enough to get in but it brings a whole series of issues and questions.

How would they choose the number and who would get access? 

Would the Washington Football Team be allowed to control the market and avoid the secondary market reselling of tickets to visiting team fans that have often helped ruin the home field advantage?

How would the WFT keep the fans that were/are in attendance safe and socially distant? 

Would you have concessions? 

That's just a partial list of questions. 

For an organization in complete upheaval - it's better to have time to set up as many things as they possibly can safely and correctly. 

Dan Snyder and his new management team deserve some credit here for sacrificing whatever income would be infused from whatever the attendance would be capped at in the interest of safety and public health. 

Maryland and Prince George's County deserves credit too. 

Often, fans have had a miserable experience for many reasons in Landover. 

Now - they can sit on their couch and at least save a lot of money and time if the team's performance on the field doesn't improve in 2020. 

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