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Chris Russell

Redskins fans may not want to face this reality but the facts are the facts. 

The organization is not held in very high regard by many and the situation is not getting better. 

Regardless of your feelings on the name change issue and the latest developments from FedEx and Nike, the noise and drama is getting louder.

Fed Ex Requests that the Redskins Change Name

FedEx announced on Wednesday that it had asked the NFL's Washington franchise to change its "Redskins" moniker. FedEx is one of the three massive sponsors and partners of the team that was challenged by investors and stockholders to pressure the team into changing its name.

Developments are changing by the hour and the story lines are multi-pronged but at the root - the Redskins moniker is the center of it all. 

This was the case on Wednesday evening when Liz Clarke of the Washington Post did an outstanding job getting strong quotes on the viability of the Redskins heading home to D.C. and the RFK Stadium site. 

On Thursday night, after we found out about FedEx's request to change the Redskins name - I caught up with Clarke to talk about her reporting and the future of NFL football back in our nation's capital. 

We  also discussed what the FedEx development means potentially for Dan Snyder and the Redskins franchise. 

Redskins fans - have you changed your mind on the name debate considering all of the recent developments? Sign up free, register and join us by voicing your opinion on our community pages and right below!

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