Should Redskins Spice up Uniforms?

Chris Russell

New uniforms anyone? 

That's the trend in the National Football League, where nothing that your team does seems to matter in garnering public buzz and reaction besides changing what color and style jerseys you wear.

Draft Chase Young? Ehhh. A swiss-army knife weapon  in Antonio Gibson? Nah. 

Change your uniforms and get all the buzz! 

Sometimes you get a lot of love. As the Chargers somehow always do. 

You might get a meh reaction. The Browns? Patriots?

Or you could get crushed on social media and in the blogosphere for whatever that's worth. 

Connor Orr of The MMQB did a ranking and breakdown of the half-dozen teams that have unveiled a new look this offseason for 2020. 

The Redskins are obviously not on that list but could they be next year? Should they be? 

Should the Washington Redskins, a team that is and should be desperate to recapture their lost fan base and gain new fans change their uniforms? 

No. That's the simple answer. It could backfire and almost surely would. 

Don't get me wrong. The Redskins should wear gold pants like they do on their homecoming/alumni weekend uniforms. 

Landon Collins reacts vs 49ers in Week 7
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I would like an even shinier shade of gold than these pants that the Redskins wear just once a year. Think of that shining under the lights on Monday Night Football! Oh wait...I forgot. 

The point is if you're the "burgundy and gold" your uniform pants should not resemble a bottle of French's Yellow Mustard. 

Redskins Yellow pants Kerrigan
Hogs Haven
French's Yellow
This is what the Redskins traditional uniform pants look like, as opposed to gold. Google

By my unofficial count and looking back at home game photos from last year, the Redskins did not wear the garish yellow mustard pants.

At one point under Bruce Allen, the Redskins actually made a proposal in the league's bylaws to avoid the silly color rush uniforms that the NFL was using on Thursday Night Football, which was an awful concept by the Redskins and by the NFL. 

Besides the gold pants improvement, as opposed to the yellow pants the Redskins have worn way too much in the past, this is about the only concept I would really like to see. 

A base color of black, especially with the logo/shield design is bad ass. 

Black Skins Uniform Concept
Bleacher Report

Should the Redskins change their uniforms completely? Just pants? Just the jerseys? Sign up free, register and join us by voicing your opinion on our community pages and right below!

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Jayyone 1968
Jayyone 1968

The black uniform is the only change I would go for, just love those black uniform!!!


The chicken never cackles until the egg is laid.


Break 500. Then think about a new uniform.

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