Victory Monday Social Snaps

Chris Russell

It's always good to have a "Victory Monday and around these here parts, they certainly don't come often enough. 

You enjoy it anyway you can get it. 

Especially if it is a division win in the NFC Least.

Against the Dallas Cowboys. A demolition of fairly epic proportions. 

A win going into a bye week which doesn't happen often in Washington. It did happen in 2018 and 2015. Plus a tie in 2016 but that felt like a loss (London). 

And when you can celebrate even further on social media. So the Washington Football Team did. 

Meet Terry McLaurin. Excellent receiver, person and now officially, a leader. 

Oh and then there's Antonio Gibson:

Gibson threw up the fake chalk in honor of Lebron James who saw it and saluted the young running back. 

I wonder if Gibson knows that James is a devout Cowboys fan? Probably not. 

And then there's Chase Young. If I could only be as good at life as Young seems to be at playing football and dancing, I'd be OK.

And then there's the walk of happiness, joy and relief from Kyle Allen. 

All of this pales in comparison to Ron Rivera's day on Monday but it's all part of a really good two days for the Washington Football Team. 

Ron Rivera Leaves Inova

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