Week 1 Friday Fan Forum - The WFT Radio Booth?

Chris Russell

We're trying something new here on "Washington Football' on SI.com for us. Instead of a mailbag, which everyone does, on assorted topics - we're going to do an open  "Fan Forum" every week.

The concept would be for me (Chris Russell) to pick a topic and invite commentary via twitter or our message board and various other means to solicit your opinions, thoughts and feedback. 

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We're just trying to have a little interactive fun and hopefully you guys will be featured and participate. 

The topic this week: What did you make of the new Washington Football Team radio booth of Bram Weinstein, DeAngelo Hall and Julie Donaldson? 

I was not able to listen to the game live because of my radio obligations from the press box at FedExField. You can hear a small sample of their call on Jimmy Moreland's interception, as put together by Jamual Forrest in our Week 1 WFT Turning Point. 

I've listened to small parts of the broadcast since but not enough to truly have a feel. 

Plus, I want this to be about you guys. So away we go! Just one qualifier: Criticism is fine. For them, for me, for whoever. Profanity and crossing certain lines are not. 

I assume this means that he misses Chris Cooley and not Chris, as in me, from my "glorious" run on the team broadcast from 2010-2014. 

From 'Washington Football' on SI.com contributor, Ivan Lambert

 If you had any thoughts on the new pre or post-game show, please let us know too! 

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