Senior Bowl Standouts

Chris Russell

I was once told by an NFL personnel executive that if you had a bad performance at the Senior Bowl, it didn't really matter to most if not all scouts and teams. Why? Different coaching, teammates, schemes and a period from your last game that could be as much as six weeks. 

The Senior Bowl practice player of the week according to Jim Nagy, an 18 year scout and the Executive Director of the Reese's Senior Bowl in Mobile, is the guy that should have been there and did himself a lot of good. 

Herbert and Jordan Love stood out to Bucky Brooks of and NFL Media. 

"The event could help Oregon's Justin Herbert and Utah State's Jordan Love crack the top 15 on draft night, despite the question marks around their respective games following so-so final seasons. Herbert has been the most consistent quarterback in attendance during the practice week, exhibiting all of the prototypical traits scouts covet in QB1s. Checking in at 6-foot-6 and 227 pounds with 10-inch hands, Herbert is a natural thrower with surprising movement skills and athleticism. The former Duck is an easy mover inside and outside of the pocket, and he flashes enough running ability to handle some of the zone-read and bootleg concepts that more NFL teams are featuring prominently in the playbook nowadays. Throwing the ball, Herbert has impressed scouts with his arm strength and overall arm talent, as he has routinely delivered strikes to his receivers on the perimeter. Herbert has shown good anticipation and timing on rhythm throws while also showcasing consistent ball placement throughout the week.

"Love has been a steady climber throughout the week, with his performance improving daily. The 6-foot-3, 223-pound gunslinger has demanded the full attention of evaluators with his unique combination of blue-chip arm talent and enticing athleticism. Love can deliver spectacular throws from various arm angles and platforms, which has led some scouts to tout him as a potential Patrick Mahomes-like playmaker at the next level. While that is a lofty comparison, I can certainly see why evaluators are intrigued by his talent and potential after watching him drop some dimes in seven-on-seven and team drills. Although Love has been a little inconsistent with his ball placement and touch, he possesses enough natural talent to make you believe his game can be improved with detailed coaching at the next level. An imaginative coordinator could build an offense around his skill set that would allow Love to enjoy immediate success as a young starter, like some of his so-called "raw" predecessors, including Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. Considering Love's eye-catching flashes throughout the practice week, the Utah State product could go sooner than expected in April."

Some more standouts from practices this week:

Damien Lewis - Guard 

Wide Receivers:

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