Two Years Ago - The Redskins & Chiefs Danced with a Deal. A Disaster once again for Washington.

Chris Russell

Two years ago today (January 30th), the Redskins altered their path and at the same time conveniently paved the road for the Kansas City Chiefs to play in the Super Bowl this Sunday night. 

The trade did not become official until March 14th of that year, but who could forget Bruce Allen telling Doug Williams, his Senior Vice President of Player Personnel to not answer his phone or watch the news on the night of the reported agreement.

Since then - the Redskins have started and played six different quarterbacks. 

They've paid Alex Smith $38.8 million in cap dollars with another $21.4 million scheduled for this year to play ten games, due to a gruesome leg injury. 

Ten games, 11 touchdowns and six wins for Smith. 

No, it's not his fault or the Redskins fault that he got injured - but what can be argued is that only the Redskins would give a 34 year old quarterback that had a largely above average career, a 90+ million dollar extension, when they didn't have to.

Since that point, Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and the Chiefs have played in two AFC Championship games, winning one, and Mahomes has cost the Chiefs just over eight million in cap dollars. 

Mahomes has racked up 80 total regular season touchdowns and the Chiefs are 24-8 in just the regular season under Mahomes. 

Clearly, the deal has been a complete debacle for the Redskins. Some of it in their control, some of it not. 

It must be pointed out that even is Smith stayed healthy, the Redskins were going to be a pedestrian offense at best. Pedestrian might be kind. 

The Chiefs are a juggernaut and 60 minutes away from putting a crown on top of Andy Reid's burger loving face and head. 

The trade only got worse for the Redskins: 

They dealt Kendall Fuller, coming off a terrific year in his 2nd NFL season to Kansas City along with a third-round pick. 

Yeah, it was that bad. 

Fuller, a free agent to be, has played 26 games for the Chiefs with only two interceptions. 

He's been fine, maybe good but has not been great. He's played slot and outside corner, free and strong safety per (PFF). 

The third round pick was No. 78 overall and Cowboys receiver Michael Gallup was available and taken quickly after. Harrison Phillips was selected by Buffalo in the next ten picks as well. 

The Chiefs also have two other former Redskins in their starting lineup for Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

Bashaud Breeland and Austin Reiter. 

Everyone in Redskins land remembers "Bree" a fourth-round pick success story whose career was on the rise before Bruce Allen decided he couldn't contain himself and sunk a fortune into Josh Norman. 

Norman and Breeland did not get along and that is a nice way to say it, as I understand it. 

When Breeland signed a big deal in Carolina to leave the Redskins, ironically with Ron Rivera and the Panthers, I was told that Norman had some really vicious things to say to people behind the scenes about Breeland. 

Breeland will start on Sunday night after bouncing around to Green Bay in between.

Reiter, was a seventh round pick in 2015 for the Redskins and never played in a regular season game. In 2016, he caught on with Cleveland and tore his knee up against the team that drafted him.

Fast forward to 2019 and he started every single game at center for the Chiefs and will start in Sunday night's Super Bowl. 

He's the guy that gets the ball to Patrick Mahomes. 

If you would have told me four years ago that Reiter would be starting in a Super Bowl for Andy Reid while the Redskins would be coming off a three-win season, I would have laughed and then some. 

Just like Andy Reid was once again laughing at Bruce Allen two years ago.  

 Chris Russell is the Publisher of & Sports Illustrated's Washington Redskins channel. He can be heard on 106.7 The FAN in the Washington D.C. area and world-wide on Chris also hosts the "Locked on Redskins" Podcast and can be read via subscription to Warpath Magazine. You can e-mail Chris at or follow him on Twitter at @Russellmania621.

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I feel like it is a matter of opinion (yours) of how well the 1st 9 games of the Alex Smith blunder went. As far as building a core group of players are concerned, losing a player like Kendell and then giving a 94 million contract to a bum is real smart.

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