If the Washington Redskins can't pull out many victories on the field, the least they could do is win in the war room. While maximizing their draft picks hasn't been easy on the organization, attaining high pedigree selections hasn't been a problem. For 2019 though, when the Miami Dolphins front office is actively tanking (even if the staff and players aren't) and the Cincinnati Bengals look as or more inept, getting the top pick in the draft is going to be difficult for Washington.

In fact, picking in the top 5 is hardly a sure thing as there are several organizations who are performing poorly to start the 2019 season.

There are 12 teams, more than one-third of the league, that will have two or fewer wins entering Week 8. Currently Washington sits with the No. 3 overall pick thanks to the tiebreaker scenarios.

When two or more teams have similar records, opponent strength of schedule is the first tiebreaker. So although both the Redskins and Atlanta Falcons share 1-6 marks, the Falcons have played the more difficult schedule, rewarding Washington with the higher pick.

This is subject to change with the results of Monday Night Football, but for now here's the order for the Top 12 selections with a projected New England victory over the New York Jets.

1. Cincinnati Bengals (0-7)

Opponent Winning Percentage: .630 (29-16-1)

2. Miami Dolphins (0-6)

OWP: .585 (24-17-0, projected)

3. Washington Redskins (1-6)

OWP: .532 (25-22-0, projected)

4. Atlanta Falcons (1-6)

OWP: .537 (22-18-1)

5. New York Jets (1-5, projected)

OWP: .700 (28-12-0, projected)

6. Los Angeles Chargers (2-5)

OWP: .370 (17-28-1)

7. Denver Broncos (2-5)

OWP: .532 (25-22-0)

8. New York Giants (2-5)

OWP: .574 (27-19-1, projected)

9. Cleveland Browns (2-4)

OWP: .600 (24-16-0, projected)

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)

OWP: .610 (25-16-0, projected)

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)

OWP: .667 (26-13-0)

12. Detroit Lions (2-3-1)

OWP: .585 (24-16-1)