2020 Redskins Storylines Based on O.A.R. Song Titles

The Washington Redskins in 2020 "covered" by O.A.R. tunes? Why not? This should be fun!
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The Washington Redskins have dozens of storylines and multiple unknowns going into 2020. That is what makes this upcoming season both exciting and terrifying as a fan. 

For those of you that know me or have followed me on Twitter for the past few years, know that I am a fan of Rockville, Maryland’s very own O.A.R. (…of a Revolution). 

Music, much like sports, has a way of connecting everyone on some sort of basic level. Whether it is the lyrics, melody, or beat, there is something that can draw us all in. So, what I decided to do is identify those storylines through some of their song titles. The list ranges from Adrian Peterson to the Offensive Line and includes some classic songs to ones released on the band’s most recent album.

Old Man Time -> Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson turned 35 back in March. That age is normally a death sentence for a running back in today’s NFL. If Jay Gruden had not locked Peterson out of playing time the first five games of 2019, he would likely have had another 1,000-yard season. Will Peterson be able to fend off old man time again in 2020 and pass Barry Sanders on the all-time rushing list?

King of the Thing -> Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan was staring down Dexter Manley for the Redskins all-time sacks leader (91) in 2019. Then the calf injury occurred which sidelined him for the final four games. It is only a matter of when, not if, Kerrigan will be the king of the thing and number one of the all-time Redskins sack list.

Taking on The World Today & Conquering Fools -> Dwayne Haskins

Being the Redskins quarterback is the most stressful job in Washington, D.C. outside of being President of the United States. Because of this, Dwayne Haskins gets two song titles dedicated to his upcoming season. Haskins has the franchise weighing on his shoulders and some members of the local media angling against him and everything he does. He will certainly be taking on the world and looking to conquer those fools in 2020 to show that he can be the franchise quarterback that he believes he can be.

Are You For Real? - Terry McLaurin

Wide receiver Terry McLaurin took the NFL by storm last year earning him the nickname “Terry McScorin” by ESPN’s Matthew Berry. McLaurin will be looking to build on his rookie year in 2020 and show everyone that he is for real.

Place to Hide & Road Outside Columbus -> Chase Young

The Redskins drove right up that road outside Columbus, Ohio and drafted a Buckeye in the first round in back-to-back years. The rookie pass rusher is looking to instill fear into opposing quarterbacks and have an immediate impact on the Redskins defense. So much so that quarterbacks could be wishing they had a place to hide from the former Buckeye standout.

Dangerous Connection -> Steven Sims, Jr.

When Trey Quinn went down with another injury in 2019, training camp standout Steven Sims, Jr. took over in the slot and quickly became a dangerous target. Sims will be looking to continue to be a dangerous connection for quarterback Dwayne Haskins in 2020.

I Feel Home -> Ronald Darby

Cornerback Ronald Darby returns home to the DMV after spending the first five years of his career in Buffalo and Philadelphia. He will be looking to some home cooking in a hope to stay healthy and turn things around. Feeling home might be just what he needs to take that next step.

Untitled -> Antonio Gibson

Rookie Antonio Gibson was drafted as a running back in the third round, but he can be used as much more. When asked how Gibson will be used in the offense, head coach Ron Rivera said, “what’s the formation?” It sounds like Gibson will be more untitled then actually labeled as one position.

Any Time Now -> Derrius Guice

Derrius Guice’s playing time as a Redskin has been extremely limited due to two freak in game injuries. He showed glimpses of what he is capable of in the five games he did play in in 2019. Will it be any time now until he puts it together for a full season?

Missing Pieces -> Offensive Line

The next step in Dwayne Haskins growth does not just rely on Dwayne. He needs his offensive line to show up every day and protect him so he can orchestrate the offense like it is the national symphony. Are the Redskins missing pieces along the offensive line to help him take that next step? Or, are there enough pieces in place to show progress can be made and enough points can be put up to stay competitive every week?

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