A Dominating Defense For One Game?

After getting shredded four games in a row, a resurgent Washington Football Team defense hit the break after a dominant performance.
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The Washington Football Team defense got off to a dominating start this year with an eight-sack, lights out performance in week one against the Eagles. 

After that, the struggles and some major leaks. 

They allowed 30+ points in four straight games before tightening up the screws over the last two games inside the NFC East. 

So where are they? A near shutout against the Cowboys was met with hope and dismissiveness because Dallas is lousy. 

Was it one great game against a team playing like they don't give a bleep? Or a sign of things to come?

What if we combine the second-half against the Giants and look at it as six-straight quarters of lights out football? 

Per NFLGSIS.com, this is how the WFT defense compares to the rest of the NFL. 


A lot of red. Just like on the offensive side. The difference is this is the unit you want the red on. 

What these numbers tell us through the start of week eight is that the Washington defense is now better than the NFL league-wide average in every statistical category besides one. 

Rushing yards per game. They're almost five yards above the league average. 

They're good in the red zone and goal-to-go percentage. 

At 23.6 points per game, they are almost two points below the league wide mark, despite that rough four-game stretch. 

Also, to be allowing only 186 passing yards per game when you consider how many big pass plays they allowed in the early part of the season and how much they struggled against tight ends, is astonishing.