Aaron Rodgers Trade To Washington: Instant Super Bowl?

An Aaron Rodgers trade to the Washington Football Team? We dissect ESPN's proposal - and construct a far better one
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Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay and reportedly prefers to move toward the West Coast. The Washington Football Team is on the record - in words and in actions - as not wanting to give up huge capital for a QB.

So how is this a match?

ESPN's Bill Barnwell has constructed "seven deals from teams that could be considered viable candidates to make one of the biggest trades in recent league history.'' And he places the WFT as the second-most likely destination.

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It's an entertaining notion. And Barnwell does well to point out, across the board, the obstacles, which include the Packers' stated desire to retain the future Hall-of-Famer, the $30 million Rodgers might owe back to the team if he quits, the point that he is both an MVP and in decline,  and the $37.2 million in dead money Green Bay would have to eat in a trade.

So, onto ESPN's proposal ... and our thoughts:

Packers get: 2022 first-round pick, 2022 second-round pick, 2023 first-round pick, 2023 second-round pick, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and DT Matt Ioannidis.

On the plus side, in our view: A Rodgers-led Washington team would jump near the top of the NFC as a Super Bowl contender - and isn't that the point of it all?

On the minus side:

*Barnwell writes that "Washington would have to pay more than its AFC competition to get a deal done.'' This, philosophically, goes against everything WFT boss Ron Rivera has told us about "capital.''

*We're also not sure why Green Bay wants to take on Fitzpatrick when part of the reason for this issue is the Packers presence of young QB Bryce Love. 

*Aaron Rodgers is ... a drama queen. In addition to our bet that he would like more money (something rarely mentioned by his cadre of media supporters), he wants to be on the West Coast. That's lovely; he's from Northern California and his girlfriend is a Hollywood starlet and a native of Colorado, so moving to the 49ers, Raiders or Broncos makes sense for him.

But try to ship him someplace not of his liking? His history - including this very episode - demonstrates that he will make trouble for you.

There is an easier way for Green Bay to proceed: Work just as hard at repairing the relationship as the media is working to conjure up trades.

There is an easier way for Washington to proceed, too: Want a superstar QB who is a pain in the neck? We can think of a 25-year-old - a dozen years Rodgers' junior - who can be had far more affordably than Rodgers for four premium picks.

Washington would be better off calling Houston about Deshaun Watson.

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