Billionaire Bezos: How Would His NFL Ownership Help Washington Football Team?

Could it lead to football glory once again returning to the DMV? Jeff Bezos reportedly wants in & is interested in the Washington Football Team.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Could it be? Something that some Washington Football Team fans have clamored for a long time is parting ways with Dan Snyder and issuing a hearty hello to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. 

Front Office Sports has information on Monday afternoon that directly connects interest on Bezos' end to potentially buying a stake of the Washington Football Team - specifically the group share of minority owners who want out and own a combined 40% of the organization. 

This is according to court documents and represents the first tangible connection to the Amazon founder and the NFL organization, fortifying plenty of speculation and rumors in the past.

It's not known at this time how serious the conversations are and were, but we can theorize that if Bezos comes aboard, it could solve some issues, including:

1. The current ownership stalemate between Snyder, Fred Smith, Bob Rothman and Dwight Schar. It's been nasty in court documents and in other forms after a lot of discovery and reporting by the Washington Post, which ironically Bezos owns. 

2. If Bezos joins the elite fraternity of NFL owners, it would be a boost for the shield and more importantly might allow help the Washington Football Team's image, on and off the field.

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3. If Snyder is suspended or ousted as a result of the NFL/Beth Wilkinson investigation, it would allow a seamless transition to Bezos, however temporary or permanent his leadership position might be.

Per FOS: "Bezos’ attorney spoke with Baltimore-based sports investment banking firm Moag & Co., which led the effort to sell a chunk of the team."

Moag was hired by the team’s three minority owners to explore a sale of their shares in the team. There was one reported offer for the combined stake of ownership for less than $1 billion. 

Monday's 18-page filing in India, per FOS,  also stated Moag exchanged 87 phone calls with former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen. Per the filing and FOS - "Moag and Allen also exchanged text and email messages that “prove” the two were “focused on negative publicity directed at [Snyder],” according to the filing."

The interactions between the main players here makes for a fascinating soap opera. But Jeff Bezos as WFT owner? To many fans and maybe even to the NFL itself, that would be a difference-maker

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