Another Reason(s) Trent is still a Redskins LT

There's many theories. Trent Williams and his agent say the Redskins are at fault. The Redskins say they just want fair value. But here's what nobody's talking about.

Trent Williams woke up on Thursday morning and wasn't in the mood (probably) to care about the lack of an opening day in Major League Baseball, like the rest of America.

What he knows is this: He's stuck unless he or the Redskins give in and throw in the white towel. 

Here's the deal: He can do that. It's up to him. The Redskins can get sick of dealing witht the drama. Just like they did with Quinton Dunbar. It's up to them. 

Right now - neither side seems inclined. 

Apparently, the Redskins are indeed (as we've wondered/speculated) willing to take a player back or a combination of picks. 

Trent also wants his cake and to eat it too. He wants out, but isn't willing to help. Then he wants to come home and be honored, which is somewhat laughable. 

In addition to Williams high asking price (reportedly) and the Redskins expectation of a fair return which is where the real dispute lies, one thing that could be hurting the ability to make a trade is this:

There are at least FOUR left tackle prospects that are expected to go in the first round and possibly a FIFTH. 

Don't believe me? Here they are: Andrew Thomas from Georgia, Jedrick Wills of Alabama,  Tristan Wirfs out of Iowa, Mekhi Becton, who played at Louisville. 

Every mock draft, every ranking that I've seen - no matter who it is - has these four as first round prospects and picks. The only question has been which order do they go in.

Oh there's another question. Does a fifth left tackle prospect go in the top-32? 

Prince Tega Wanogho is very iffy in terms of his first round value and he's more thought to be better set at right tackle to start. 

Josh Jones from Houston is a pure athletic left tackle from Houston's spread look. 

So here's my question: Why in the world would an NFL team be willing to pay a second or even a third-round pick, maybe a player, whatever the combination is, plus pay $16-20 million for Williams per year on a multi-year deal with a minimum of $30 million fully guaranteed, when you consider the following reality.

If Thomas, Wills, Wirfs or Becton is 80% of what Trent Williams is at the age of 31 + having not played a down of football in a year-and-a-half, with all of the medical questions surrounding his future, and costs 10-20% of what Williams would cost - how in the world could you justify that decision?

Other than to say you just believe you're right? How many teams, coaches and general managers have been wrong when they just think that?

Something to keep in mind. It's also something that is hurting his trade market and value. 

It hurts the Redskins potential return and it hurts Williams desire to get maximum money. 

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