Are Draft Report Cards Worth It?

The NFL Draft concluded a few days ago and everyone has their draft report cards out, including the one I assigned to Rick Snider here at but why?
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Post NFL Draft report cards are like mock drafts. Everyone does them. They're fascinating and they are usually almost all wrong. 

No offense. 

We did a continuous "Mock Draft Mania" series and almost everyone of them was completely wrong after Chase Young and that's OK. It's good fodder and entertainment. 

That's what post draft report cards are as well. 

Our own Rick Snider offered this one Saturday night (per assignment) and I think it's mostly fair and totally honest. 

Rick gave the Redskins a B - grade. 

There was a lot of fluff offered elsewhere that made it to Surprise! 

That's all great. I really hope Rick's wrong and the Redskins are an A - instead of a B - or who knows maybe they cranks out at least one hall-of-famer and 1-2 multi-time Pro Bowl or All-Pro contributors. 

The overall point is this: We don't know. As I explained in the header video - everyone thought Robert Griffin III was a great draft pick and was a move you had to make.

I thought he would turn out to be way better than he did, but I did not like the trade at the time and said so on the team-owned radio station, to the ridicule of many.

I was right. 

I'll never forget the criticism Mike Shanahan received for drafting Kirk Cousins in the fourth-round of 2012, the same year as Griffin III. He was hammered for it. 

I think Mike was right. Wait - I know Mike was right. 

Everyone loves the hope that mid-round sleeper can bring. 

I was giddy like a pig in poop about Jamison Crowder and Matt Ioannidis. 

Both were initially successful. Only one maintained it for a long time with the Redskins and converted it into a second contract here. Crowder is a good player but just had too many injuries in his final two years here. 

Nobody was excited at all about Ioannidis except Scot McCloughan and myself. There was one media member in town who wanted him off the roster before the end of his first training camp. He's been the most productive Redskins defensive lineman over the last five years. 

Everyone was fired up about Samaje Perine and many were very hopeful about Montae Nicholson after he showed some initial promise. SPLAT! 

Remember the countless safeties the Redskins have brought in besides Nicholson? Players like Chris Horton & Phillip Thomas. Don't forget about Bacarri Rambo, either. All of them were non-contributors for any length of time for various reasons.

Redskins fans and draftniks were hopeful that Brandon Jenkins off the edge was going to be the next mid-round stud fine. 


Here's the deal: We have no clue. If football people have no clue, we really have none. 

Success is determined by a wide variety of factors. It starts with health and everything else comes after that. Scheme, surrounding talent, fit, coaching and culture all come next in line along with a player's ability to work hard and transfer the talent they had on a smaller scale to where the big boys play for pay. 

No report card that was issued by anyone and anywhere across the great sports landscape really knows what they are grading and projecting. 

Just like no NFL executive truly knows who and what they are selecting. 

Keep that in mind. It's a fun, mind-numbing activity but it really means nothing at all. 

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