Betting on Bruce!

Chris Russell

For those unfamiliar with my long-running doubt of Bruce Allen as a qualified NFL executive, you might not be aware that my campaign for a better tomorrow for the Washington Redskins started in 2013. 

I was more than willing to give Allen, 'the personification of an NFL winner" (which makes me laugh looking back on it) as Dan Snyder and the Redskins claimed on December 17, 2009, a fair chance. 

Now, as we approach the ten-year anniversary of Grand Emperor Allen's leadership, we must consider the short-term future, besides one of misery and torture. 

Allen's leadership (or lack thereof) has led the Redskins to 60 wins in his almost ten complete seasons. only credits Allen with 43 wins, skipping the entire 2015 season (9 wins & NFC East title) and the following year, 2016, when the Redskins went (8-7-1). 

There is no need to skip. Bruce Allen was totally and completely in charge of the organization despite Scot McCloughan's presence. 

He doesn't deserve all the credit. He doesn't deserve all the blame in two of the better Redskins seasons for the last quarter century, but he was in charge and had total power. 

He also had much more power than people realize he had with Mike Shanahan. He was never just a wallflower, despite his documented lack of football knowledge. 

If we count the wins in those two seasons, we have to count the losses too! 

If you add 14 losses to the listed total, we're at 93 in his tenure with the Redskins or (60-93-1). Washington had seven losses in each of those years and a tie in 2016. 

We could go one step further (maybe unfair?) and add three losses at the end of 2009 to Allen's total because when he took over, the Redskins celebrated with two hideous prime time losses at home and one in San Diego. It was a sign of things to come.

That would leave us with the opportunity to celebrate Allen's 100th loss as the top executive this season. 

I know we're stretching here but if the Redskins lose four more games in 2019, we'll officially be at the century mark of futility. 

That would also mean an average season under Allen's glorious reign would be (6-10). 

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

The good news is this: While the Redskins limp to the finish line, just ten months or so after Allen said that his team was "close' (no, not to extinction), the team will have a top-three pick, plenty of off-season buzz and renewed hope. 

Only if Dan Snyder does what he should have done five years ago. 

My pal JR sent this along: You can now lay money down on if/when the Redskins will fire Bruce Allen, per Bovada.

Just give me all the money in the world to hope that +155 gets it done in the end! I don't know how much more damage can possibly be done to a fan base that deserves way better. 

While we're at it, how about Bovada spelling Dan Snyder as "Dan Schnieder"  in their prop bet that he'll sell the Redskins, which says just about everything, now doesn't it?

Chris Russell is the Publisher of Sports Illustrated's Washington Redskins channel & can be heard on 106.7 The FAN in the Washington D.C. area and world-wide on Chris also hosts the "Locked on Redskins" Podcast and can be read via subscription to Warpath Magazine. You can e-mail Chris at or follow him on Twitter at @Russellmania621. 

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