Scherff Turns Down Washington Offer Of Highest Salary?

Brandon Scherff -- a two-time franchise tag player for the Washington Football Team reportedly turned down an offer that would have put him at the top.

ASHBURN, Va. -- Brandon Scherff, a two-time franchise tag player for the Washington Football Team, reportedly turned down an offer that would have put him at the top of the offensive guard totem pole.

Scherff, per ESPN reporter John Keim, has declined multiple lucrative offers, adding that a source suggests regarding keeping him long-term, “That ship has sailed”.

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Scherff has said all along that he wants to stay in Washington for the rest of his career. Almost everyone swallowed that up to mean a long-term contract would be no problem. Not us, but just about everyone else. 

Nope. It's not happening any time soon. 

Ron Rivera on Thursday said that the two sides had not recently talked about a multi-year deal. 

Washington and Scherff have until July 15 to iron out a new financial package or he'll play on the franchise tag (as expected) for a second straight year at just over $18 million. 

There's no turning back once that happens. If Scherff continues to fend off any offer beyond mid-July, there's almost zero chance of a third consecutive tag or a new contract. 

As we've said all along when the organization was getting criticized by many for tagging Scherff: Given his likely stance, it's the most prudent thing to do. 

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Sure, you have to pay guaranteed money for each year, but you can get out of the Scherff business on a yearly basis. 

If you were to give him a four or five-year contract, now or previously, you would still have had to pay around the same money ($33 million) in fully guaranteed funds that you are now, but you would also be stuck with massive salaries or a significant dead cap hit if you wanted to move on. 

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It has been expected all along by those that are in the know that Scherff - viewed as a very good player - wasn't a long-term play. 

He already has the highest salary for a guard on an average annual basis. Now he wants more and probably wants it over a longer term (five years?). The WFT at some point will say, “No thanks.”

Does he want more security than Zack Martin has? The Cowboys right guard signed an $84 million extension two years ago.

If Scherff was offered a comparable deal to Martin  and turned it down? We say that's a huge break for the WFT, because that would have been a team mistake. 

And regarding “'that ship has sailed' in terms of doing a career sealing deal? That's our perspective and has been for a long time. Scherff's career is going to be fine. But his long-term ship is slowly sinking here in Washington.