BREAKING: Cam Newton - Washington QB Candidate - Signs With Patriots

Does Cam Newton 'fit' as the Washington Football Team QB? Sure. But he’s going back to Pats
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We've discussed in great detail the validity of the idea of Cam Newton reuniting Ron Rivera for the Washington Football Team. An "imperfect idea, but a good one,'' we've called it.

So we get it ... but we're not willing to go too far with it. Nor, apparently is the WFT, as the Boston Globe is reporting the former league MVP is going back to New England on a one-year deal.

The WFT has provided us hints about its reluctance to overspend on a blockbuster QB trade, because of how it would leave the draft-pick cupboard bare. We've also written about the club's lukewarm view of paying a hefty price to bring Alex Smith back, and of his limitations as a quarterback. (Not to mention his suddenly huffy attitude; see below.)

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The hints. The whispers. The out-and-out views kept leading us back to Cam Newton. Rivera and the Washington coaching staff knows how to get the most out of a player who was an MVP during their time together in Carolina. The new WFT front office knows it as well.

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But "perfect''? Newton in New England, last year on a one-year reclamation-project deal, didn't produce the Patriots' desired results. The stint did clear up one thing about the 31-year-old QB, thought by many to be a sort of enigma: No-nonsense coach Bill Belichick raved about his work ethic.

And even Newton's naysayers have to admit: At 6-5, 245 pounds, he remains a dynamic player.

Most of that "dynamism,'' though, is in Cam as a runner; this past season, he scored 12 rushing TDs, making him quite a weapon in the red zone. But rather amazingly, he threw only eight TD passes, to 10 interceptions.

Even during his finest years, he was an erratic thrower. But yes, those numbers are kind of scary. And they make him not "perfect.'' Not for the WFT ... and not for New England.

But Cam will now "fit'' the Pats. And the NFL QB Carousel will keep spinning ... and the WFT will keep evaluating.