BREAKING: Dan Snyder Buying Out WFT Minority Ownership

The owner of the Washington Football Team is closing in on a deal that will provide him greater control over the organization and possible end some conflicts
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Football majority owner Dan Snyder has been involved in a feud with his three minority partners for much of the last year. But the battle between Snyder and Dwight Schar, Robert Rothman and Fred Smith, which spilled into a public battle of lawsuits, accusations and mudslinging, may be coming to an end.

The three partners have been trying to sell their their 40.5% stake in the WFT and now Snyder is reportedly in the process of buying out his partners.

The Washington Football Team has yet to comment on this news. Washington Football on SI is seeking confirmation and/or a response from the organization. 


If the deal goes through, it would indicate that Snyder and his family will be in position to take over as the sole owners of the organization. 

The news about Snyder requesting a debt waiver for $450 million to fund the deal seems to indicate that he does not have the liquid funds to pay for the value of the 40.5% share on his own. 

The deal has reportedly been approved by the NFL finance committee but is still subject to league ownership vote. 

If the NFL ownership formally approves the deal, it might be a strong indication that Snyder is not going to be severely disciplined by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell upon the ultimate completion of the Beth Wilkinson investigation; there has reportedly been discussions about the league handing down a fine to Snyder, who has owned the Washington Football Team since 1999.