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Cowherd Confused: Fitzpatrick Should Be Backup To Darnold In Washington?

The Ryan Fitzpatrick signing was met with optimism by most for the WFT -- but two loud voices have a major issue with Washington's plan.

ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team has temporarily solved their quarterback issue (we think) for 2021. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick is in the house along with Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke. Steven Montez will be hard-pressed to make the roster but Allen & Heinicke both have injury histories so nothing should be dismissed. 

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But there's this: On the 'Herd' with Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor, the WFT was criticized for not 'being aggressive' in the offseason. 

Cowherd added, "Washington is completely confounding to me." 

Wait ... why? What else would you like them to do? Who else was available that is better than what Fitzpatrick brings? Andy Dalton? No thanks. 

Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson weren't really available. They tried really hard to get Matthew Stafford. 

The former Lions quarterback didn't want to be here and Washington didn't have a QB to unload in exchange like the Rams did. 

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Then there's this: Taylor, the sister of Hall-of-Famer Jason Taylor, said, "I don't get it ... maybe they're waiting till they get closer to the draft? Maybe they're waiting on Sam Darnold - and the Jets to finally give in and take a third-round pick for him."

Yeah maybe. What makes anyone think that Sam Darnold is a stud? He's been a disappointment in New York, albeit with a bad coaching staff, but smart football people think he was over-drafted to begin with. 

On the flip side, where is this intel coming from that would have the Jets trading Darnold for a middle-round pick?

There's a bigger-picture problem here: Many in the media and a lot of fans believe a team should do anything it takes to get a potential stud at QB. That's exactly what the Jets did and it blew up in their face with Darnold, who they traded up for. Same for Jared Goff and the Rams. Also the same for Carson Wentz and the Eagles. 

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Our position - maybe as a result of the Robert Griffin III experience - is that such an approach can be reckless.

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We understand what Cowherd's show is, what it is designed to do, and how it all works. Sizzling-hot takes are entertaining. But a serious-minded analysis of "What the heck is the WFT doing?'' must include a reasoned inclusion of, well, what they are doing. And why they are doing it.

And that information is accessible to national-TV people, just as it is to fans. (And, of course, readers of this space.)

Is Fitzpatrick the long-term answer? Of course, not. Is he a short-term stabilizing fix? Yes. 

"Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the answer, he's not an everyday starting quarterback," Taylor countered.

Nobody said he's going to Canton. Nobody said that he's Aaron Rodgers (another guy who created trade-me buzz that made for good talk-show fodder but wasn't really real.)

What Fitzpatrick is not is what Cowherd asserted him to be in the video above, in which he said Fitzpatrick is a 'top-three backup in the league, arguably, three- or four-." 

We would then ask this: Is Fitzpatrick better than Daniel Jones with the Giants? Or Jalen Hurts with the Eagles? Right now, in this moment, - the answer is yes.

Is he better than Andy Dalton in Chicago? The WFT obviously thinks so. 

Better than prospect Tua Tagovailoa in Miami? Better, right now, than an always-hurt veteran QB like Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco? Is he better than Carson Wentz, now in Indy? 

Debate away, but we say yes. 

How about the large unknown of the entire draft class coming in? Some are obviously potentially better. Unfortunately, Trevor Lawrence is not DC-bound. See, the WFT has the No. 19 pick. Not the No. 1 pick. And somewhere, the WFT might still draft a QB. But one immediately better than Fitzpatrick? Nope.

So not much fair criticism there.

Washington isn't just stuck with who they have. They want better and they want more. They are being reasonable and not reckless, which is exactly what Cowherd, Taylor and the rest of the media wants them to do.