Dan and Alex, Alex and Dan but no Bruce

By now, you know, things aren't exactly rosy between Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder now that Snyder has done the correct thing and removed Allen from football operations at the very minimum and possibly more. Sunday was one more example of that.
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Bruce Allen has almost always taken the team bus  and plane ride home from road games in his ten years at the helm of the Redskins. Sunday was no different. 

What has been different recently, according to various observers is his home game ritual.

24 hours or so after it became public that the end was on tap,my colleague at 106.7 The FAN, Craig Hoffman and reporter Pete Hailey of NBC Sports Washington took these revealing videos at AT&T Stadium after a beat down by the Cowboys, 47-16. 

In the video, Dan is accompanied by one of his co-owners, Robert Rothman and Redskins quarterback Alex Smith almost sheepishly follows those two out, presumably towards Snyder's private transport to his private plane. 

As Snyder emerges from the Redskins locker room area, to cross a walking concourse path underneath the stadium, there's a lot of foot traffic and Bruce Allen quickly walks right in front of them and past on his way to the team bus. 

Again, it's normal that Allen did not join them but I would say interesting that Allen did not even acknowledge the three, nor did they. I'm sure Bruce is upset that his time is up. 

What I noticed and what would have been the ultimate sign of disrespect is if the security guard that you see on the right side of Hailey's video, would have stopped Allen to allow Snyder and his entourage to cross. 

Bruce was on the express line through that situation, which is better progress than he's making on a stadium deal, and it didn't happen, but it almost did. 

It would have been a sign of exactly where we are and how the mighty have fallen. 

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