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Dan Snyder & Jason Wright Outline New Washington Stadium Vision

Dan Snyder, Jason Wright and others are taking a tour around the world to view new stadiums to complement their vision for a forever home in the nation's capital.

ASHBURN. -- Never count out Dan Snyder's vision and plans. Dan's the man — in terms of power, control and vision — for the Washington Football Team and its path. 

Snyder's legacy could be changed if the team continues to turn operations around; both on and off the field. It certainly will change if WFT can win a Super Bowl and then build or open a new football facility.

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Not much is heard from Snyder —if anything at all for that matter — but TMZ was able to catch him walking out of a building with team president Jason Wright.  What do you know, Snyder had something interesting to say. 

"We're touring stadiums," Snyder told TMZ when asked what he was doing in Los Angeles. 

SoFi Stadium at Hollywood Park was recently built for the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers. It also will be the host of Super Bowl LVI come February of 2022.

Snyder said a group of four, which includes Wright, were 'looking to build a new venue back home,' which obviously refers to their stadium that Washington is aiming for.

FedExField's current lease expires in 2027, but it is possible that it could be extended to buy more time.

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Snyder mentioned Washington D.C, Virginia and Maryland when asked about location, giving away little detail there. TMZ made a joke about Snyder relocating the WFT to Los Angeles, which drew a laugh from the group, but Snyder mentioned that they good 'in Washington' for the future.  

When TMZ countered with a question about location, Snyder quickly said 'not yet, not yet' and mentioned that they are trying to figure it out every day.

However, Snyder said the team is making 'big plans' for the future. When asked about a date, the owner said 'probably 2027' would be the completion time, but indicated that it could be before then as well.

Many fans care about one thing and that is the stadium ending up in the District of Columbia — specifically on the site the current RFK Stadium. Snyder said that it is possible the new home could be closer to the White House.

Snyder also said that the stadium would be 'state of the art' and the 'best of the best' in addition to telling TMZ that the traveling contingent would be in Europe to view new locations.

"We're taking inspiration from everywhere," Wright told TMZ. 

We can tell you that WFT's executives have been touring new stadiums for some time.

Wright is leading the charge in his role. The WFT president emphasized that they do not know where the stadium location will be, but said they have great partners 'that want to work with us" towards completing the goal.  

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