Daniel Jeremiah Best Round Values

The Redskins are usually criticized for their draft classes. Many times, it's deserving. This year - they are getting rave reviews.

Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network and NFL Media came out with his round-by-round best draft pick values after the 2020 NFL Draft. 

The Washington Redskins were represented once, which is of course, is better than not being mentioned.  

Antonio Gandy-Golden is going to be a fascinating case to go from No. 79 on Jeremiah's board to No. 142 for a difference of + 63 in positional value. 

Clearly, the Redskins and much of the NFL world thinks they have a steal. 

The Redskins have to hope they also got value in more rounds than just one and in multiple players but if they hit on Gandy-Golden and presumably Chase Young, the draft class will be viewed successfully. 

We should point out that Jeremiah and every other draft analyst in the free world is ranking players not based on scheme and fit directly. 

They are ranking talent. 

Gandy-Golden fits the Redskins differently and better (we think) than he would fit the Chiefs more vertical, largely speed predicated aerial attack. 

In other words, we can't always think that Jeremiah's ranking and Kyle Smith's ranking is apples to apples, but if Jeremiah is even close to being correct on his evaluation - the Redskins hit a booming triple at least and may have saved themselves about $21 million per year in salary after their failed bid for Amari Cooper. 

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