Darnold Trade Ends Washington QB Rumors - Right?

The Sam Darnold trade to the Carolina Panthers has effectively ended the Washington Football Team quarterback rumors. Or has it?
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News of the Carolina Panthers trading for New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold has just broke. Carolina will give up a sixth-round pick in this year's 2021 NFL Draft, and then a second and fourth-round pick in next year's draft, to acquire the quarterback.

For weeks there have been discussions and rumors swirling around that the Washington Football Team and head coach Ron Rivera could have potential interest in adding Sam Darnold. The USC product has shown glimpses of the talent that caused the Jets to select him with the third overall selection of the 2018 NFL draft

A Big Apple move for Darnold always seemed likely this offseason as the situation in New York for both sides had began to sour. Washington seemed like a logical potential landing spot for Darnold as Rivera is renown for his ability to communicate and demand the best from his players. Younger players especially have thrived under Rivera's leadership.

However, barring a surprise, it appears that Washington will roll out Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterback - as Rivera has indicated. In a sense, the trade of Darnold to Carolina has put to bed many of the rumors and debate within the media of who the starting quarterback for Washington should or could be this upcoming season. 

Yet, one rumor that could gain some traction is a Bridgewater to ... somewhere. Washington? It would make sense from the Carolina perspective, as the Panthers will likely want to move on from Bridgewater due to his current contract. 

Meanwhile, Washington could in theory look to add an established starter to compete with Fitzpatrick ... or be available should he falter. ... or, depending on how the WFT draft goes, be a possible heir to Fitzpatrick.

Bridgewater is also a leader and could provide invaluable leadership on a new team. His stint with the New Orleans Saints proved that he can inspire and rally players around him, just as he did in 2019 when Drew Brees went down with a thumb injury. Of course, if Carolina believed all of that, would they have traded for Darnold?

Speaking of Carolina: This would seem to kill their rumored plan to chase beleaguered Texans QB Deshaun Watson in trade.

Either way, the Darnold trade has once again shaken up a league where the QB Carousel rules.

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