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NFL All-Time Top 100? Here's How Washington Ranks

Rankings never fail to bring a mix of appreciation, and controversy

The Athletic set out to answer a question that may honestly be unanswerable. Who are the Top-100 NFL players of all time?

Right from the jump, it's going to be an incredibly difficult list to put together. As difficult as it may be, the popular sports site went after it anyway and did so with a panel of journalists and Pro Football Hall of Fame voters at their disposal.

They acknowledged the challenge ahead and even welcomed the differing opinions sure to come as the list took shape. 

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"Your NFL 100 will surely be different from ours," is written in the introduction of the lengthy column constructed by staff at The Athletic. "That's OK. It's part of what makes these projects enjoyable."

With this acceptance of differing opinions in the football universe, we can reveal to non-subscribers there are two members of the list who played for Washington. Neither for a team called football. 

At No. 88, Darrell Green is the first Washington player on the list as it has been revealed in the traditional reverse order. 

Written by Ben Standig, Green's career synopsis includes quotes from the man himself, including one which shines a light onto this player's humble spirit. 

"I just worked down the street and I lived down the street," Green told Standig. "I'm in the neighborhood playing with kids and helping kids. Oh, and then on Sunday, then I go and play pro football."

That he did. And he did it well. His play was so good it landed him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2008. Six years after he retired from the same NFL franchise he began his career with 20-years prior. 

He played in 295 career games, had 54 interceptions in all, and scored six defensive touchdowns during his two decades. Those numbers helped him earn seven Pro Bowl selections and a First-Team All-Pro selection as well. 

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Green isn't the only Washington Hall of Famer on the list. Sammy Baugh comes in at No. 23, sandwiched between Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams at No. 24 and Green Bay Packers great Brett Favre at No. 22. 

Pretty good company for anyone to be in. 

“Slingin’ Sammy” was one of the most accomplished passers of all time," writes Dan Pompei of The Athletic. "But he also was a safety and punter who performed at a Hall of Fame level at both positions for the Washington Redskins. And he did it all with the flair of a Western hero, which he played in a film series."

Baugh played all 16 seasons with Washington and was one of the first players enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in 1963.

They may be the only two players on this list who spent their entire careers with Washington, but they aren't the only ones who played here. 

Adrian Peterson spent two seasons in burgundy and gold and is No. 72 on the list.

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While the running back was past his prime according to many by the time he landed in D.C., cornerback Champ Bailey was just getting his career started when he made the Pro Bowl four of his five seasons playing for Washington. 

Spending his last 10 seasons with the Denver Broncos, the No. 87 overall player is one of four on this list associated with Washington football. Even if the endings weren't always the most pleasant. 

With two more players left to be revealed, who will be the Top-2 players in NFL history according to The Athletic? Check out the subscription media site, to find out.