DMV Area Native Ali Krieger & Spike Lee Call for Redskins to Change Name

Chris Russell

The drum is beating louder. No matter how many fans and people want to ignore it and make like it doesn't exist.

The Black Lives Matter charge has spurred a loud cry once again against the Redskins name. 

Recently, it was Spike Lee on SIRIUSXM. 

Wednesday it was DMV area native and soccer superstar Ali Krieger's turn on social media. 

You don't have to agree or disagree with Krieger or Lee's message in any way but if your eyes aren't at least open and your ears aren't perked up, you're not woke yet. 

As the kids might say. 

Here's what you need to know: Every time the Redskins moniker is on the stove, it gets closer and closer to boiling over. 

Polls that are conducted which have an absurdly small sample size aren't the only bit of evidence that should be entered into the debate. 

If outspoken celebrities like Lee and Krieger, who have dramatically different backgrounds are this bent, doesn't that have to count for something?

It does in the public landscape but not in the reality of the cold, harsh business world. 

Civilians listen to and idolize celebrities. The noise will get louder and more enthusiastic but it will make no difference in my opinion. 

Dan Snyder will never change the name unless he's forced to for legal reasons, which is not going to happen. The Supreme Court backed up his rights of protection. 

Here's the bottomline - Dan Snyder has proven time and time again that he doesn't care about a public outcry. 

The only reason he fired Bruce Allen was because he gave him ten years to fix the problem and Allen made almost everything worse. 

If your argument is that eventually we will get to that point and he will have no choice - good luck. 

I don't see it. Not with the government and the NFL protecting him. 

This is purely a financial issue in any reasonable viewpoint.  If Snyder and the NFL knew for sure they could make more money by changing the name, they would. Period. 

They'll never admit that but many inside the organization at different points knew that to be true and it obviously makes sense. 

The organization would make some money by new apparel and licensed gear under a new name. They would lose a fortune by alienating the fan base that simply wants nothing to do with becoming the Red Hawks or whatever they would be forced to embrace. 

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If you see the word Redskins and you think of anything other than a football team then I think you are the racist.


Majority of DMV natives don’t care. Don’t change the name. The media is always trashing the Redskins...