Kyle Allen started 12 games for the Carolina Panthers last year. Are we so sure that he won't start for the Redskins in 2020?

We shouldn't be, if we even are. First - as we mentioned the other day - if/when Allen starts, he'll make the SEVENTH starting quarterback for the Redskins in the 2+ years that they've been divorced from Kirk Cousins. 

That decision went well, ehh Bruce?

There's no doubt in my mind that Kyle Allen will start at least one game for the Redskins in Ron Rivera's first year. The only question is when. 

Will it take an injury to Dwayne Haskins, which I am extremely nervous about? He holds onto the ball too long and takes some shots as a more pocket heavy quarterback. He was banged up in two-of-his-last-three starts and missed the final game. 

Or will it be week one? Wait, what? Could that happen? 

You're damn straight it could. 

Then you have this from Bucky Brooks of, a former scout and player. 

A huge reason why I was pushing for Cam Newton was because of this crazy offseason and no organized team activities, it would be very hard for Haskins to digest the system and language and have it down cold in a month. 

If we even have training camp. Who knows what the heck we're going to have?

Every time Ron Rivera is asked about Dwayne Haskins - he's hesitant to heap praise. He points out some good but always leaves the door more than slightly open. 

Perhaps that's coach-ese but I don't buy it. I think it will be a very legitimate competition between Allen and Haskins and the best man will win. 

If it's Haskins, so be it. Kudos to him. That's probably what should happen but it should never be written down. 

If it's Allen, many fans and media types will make a huge deal out of it that Allen beat out Haskins and how can that be?

Simple. If you and I moved to Russia together to do business at the same time and for the same company, if one of us knew the Russian language and dialect clearly better than the other, who do you think is going to have a better chance to survive and thrive?

It's that simple. This offseason was already going to be extremely critical for Haskins to begin with. 

Right now, it's a debacle and it doesn't seem to be getting any better, anytime soon. 

Sure, Haskins is working his butt off on the field and what he can control but unless the Redskins managed to upload the system to his I-pad, he doesn't have what he needs. 

What he really needs is practice and time, in the system and different terminology. There's no way and simply no chance that he can do that. 

That gives Allen a huge advantage. As long as he doesn't throw up all over himself, he's at least even with Haskins if not ahead of him entering training camp. Whenever it starts. 

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