No Chance for Washington & Jacksonville?

Chris Russell

When you finish 3-13 in a disastrous 2019 and fire everyone in sight (rightfully), nobody is going to pick you to go to the Super Bowl the next year. 

Or probably not for several years. 

Such is life in 2020. Then again, predictions are worth the paper or screen they appear on. Not much of anything, if we're being honest. 

Conor Orr expanded upon this for The MMQB in his column explaining why the WFT and 19 other teams don't have a shot. 

It shouldn't be a surprise that asked me to be a part of a video analysis on Friday to explain my view on Washington having a shot or no shot. 

As mentioned with Robin Lundberg of SI and John Shipley of Jaguar Report - I think if Ron Rivera can get the Washington football Team to .500 at 8-8, that would be significant progress. 

Then you take your shot in 2021 in a parity driven league with hopefully a normal offseason (what's the opposite of absurd?). 

Do they have a mathematical chance? Yeah I guess. 

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If Dallas only has a 4.1% chance and Philadelphia only has a 3.4%  chance per - what do you think Washington's chances are? 

Last year, Washington was 100-1 in these odds. This year, in the same publication they are 200-1. Also, per William Hill Sports Book and SI Gambling, they're 200-1 post draft. 

Back in May, the price was 50-1 for the now Washington Football Team but that was tied with three other AFC teams for the worst odds on the board at Bet Online. 

You can get the Washington Football Team and the Jacksonville Jaguars at +15000 at MGM.  

In other words, if you believe the 'boys in Vegas' - save your money. 

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Beer is Food
Beer is Food

Interesting developments... with Smith and Foster back, I can see an unproductive, yet turnover free offense. And, I can also see Foster solidifying some question marks about the linebacker group. If and this is a big if... if the skins remain somewhat healthy I can see them go 6-10 or even 8-8 with Smith leading the charge and the defense playing lights out. Still a young group and new system, so 8-8 might be a stretch.

Yet, with Smith active, I don’t see how you can not start him. After that injury and playing behind this line, I don’t know how any QB is going to stay healthy, but Smith is clearly the best option.

For a rebuilding team, you would ideally trade him, but how? Injury and salary cap prevents it.