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Dwayne Haskins Goal is the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame? That's Dwayne Haskins' goal for his career. You want athletes to be confident but also have good timing.

Dwayne Haskins sure isn't lacking in confidence for himself. At least publicly. Privately who knows what he's feeling. 

After an atrocious second and fourth quarters Sunday in Cleveland, the second-year quarterback brought up his desire to be in the Hall of Fame one day, right down the road from where arguably his worst performance in his brief NFL history went down. 

"I want to be a Hall of Fame quarterback one day," Haskins told reporters (video above). 

He said it so quick as I was completing a pre-arranged radio interview that I wasn't sure if I heard it correctly. 

I did. He said it and he's probably going to be shredded for it. 

Here's the thing - I have no problem with him wanting to be an elite player and one of the best of his era -- I just know this wasn't the best time to say it. 

He can say whatever he wants for the most part but after a four turnover day and what should have been four interceptions, I don't think this statement and answer will be taken as a positive.

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Maybe I'm wrong and I have too little faith in the local and national media?

I don't think I'm incorrect. I have a feeling Haskins words will be carved up on a platter like an over-stuffed Thanksgiving turkey. 

It's cool to believe in yourself but you wind up putting yourself on a pedestal and being hammered like a pinata. 

"I want it to be hard. Hard as hell," Haskins added. Well he's doing a good job of that, for damn sure. 

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Certainly every answer and every quote provides a need for some context but Haskins should understand how Twitter, fans and media are going to twist this.

He meant it as a positive. It's going to be spun as a negative. 

I get what he meant but it could put an even bigger bullseye on his back. 

What Haskins needed to do was put a couple of wins together or a couple of games where he's every bit as good as the opposing quarterback on the field, so that America can see progress. 

He's certainly not bragging but he needs his stock to be up for people not to laugh at him non-stop. 

He has none of that. Even late last year -- he played well in one-and-a-half games (both losses) against two shaky defensive units in games that meant nothing. 

If Haskins goes out and torches a Baltimore secondary as Patrick Mahomes did on Monday night, then he can be more candid with his thoughts. 

He'll be the talk of the NFL.

If he goes out and has another four-turnover day, it might just be Kyle Allen or Alex Smith time. 

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