ESPN FPI Says Redskins Will Stink

Surprise, surprise. The Washington Redskins will be lousy in 2020! You're going to see that everywhere. Do you believe it is the question.
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The Washington Redskins will be terrible in 2020!

That's what every preseason projection and poll is going to tell you. How terrible? That might be the only variance. 

Either way, you get the point. National analysts, analytics experts and anyone with a hot take and little knowledge about the Skins are going to completely dismiss the organization. 

That's what you get when you've been largely terrible for 28 years. Not 28 days or months. 28 years. 

So it shouldn't surprise you or really matter to you that the Redskins are being given no chance under Ron Rivera per the pigskin pundits. 

The Redskins are ranked 31st, only ahead of the Jaguars at a projected 5.5 wins and a measly 6% chance of making the NFL Playoffs. 

And that's with an extra playoff team. 

Hey there's good news? The Redskins have a 13% chance at the No. 1 overall pick and presumably Trevor Lawrence next year. 

Jay Gruden's Jaguars are projected to only win 4.9 games. 

In case you're wondering: ESPN explains FPI as "our prediction model for the NFL. Preseason ratings are based on each team's Las Vegas win total; last season's performance on offense, defense and special teams; the number of returning starters; coaching staff changes; and starting and backup quarterbacks. FPI produces team rankings and season projections."

Apparently - they say that 20,000 computer simulations are done in this study. 

My spin: I think it's likely that the Redskins win 6-7 games. Certainly, I can see where they would be at 5. I always have a hard time thinking they can be worse, but with the schedule they face and the complete unknown that Dwayne Haskins is - could you see a worse record? Sure. 

If the Redskins are in the seven to eight win range, that's about as good of a season as you could hope for. 

Nine wins or more? Shine Ron Rivera's bust in Canton, right now! 

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