Exclusive: Riggins Reveals Cowboys Fandom, Analyzes WFT

John Riggins, a Washington and NFL legend and Hall-of-Famer dishes on his Thanksgiving table and why he's picking the Cowboys today.
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The world is different in every way in 2020 than it was when John Riggins was running over people on his way to Canton, Ohio, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“Riggo,” as many still call him, is a man of transparent truths. But ... I've done some radio shows and appearances with him before and didn't know this. ... 

Riggins said he actually grew up a Cowboys fan in northeast Kansas and remained so until he was in the NFL with the Jets.

When asked by Pete Medhurst and yours truly on 106.7 The FAN this week leading up to the Cowboys at Washington Football Team contest, he said about the organization's chances ..."What you don't see in a good team is consistency."

"They're not consistent offensively. They're not consistent defensively," Riggins opined. "But they still got, like you say,  a few games to pull a rabbit out of the hat."

Riggins now hosts the John Riggins Show and podcast with fellow Washington Football legend, Dexter Manley, which you can check out right here.

“The Diesel,” another of his nicknames, is open to the WFT getting into the playoffs with a subpar record. He's hoping for a 7-9 record as opposed to 6-10 or worse but mentioned from "a player's standpoint - you do whatever you can to get what you can  get."

The most interesting part of a fascinating conversation was what Riggins said about how his style as a running back would not be easy in today's NFL.

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"I think ‘The Diesel’ would have to metamorphous into ‘The Weasel," Riggins joked.

There's no doubt that Riggins' style would be a tough match in today's football. Derek Henry is about the only back that has Riggins style but as the Hall-of-Famer Riggins pointed out ...he did most of his damage from the fullback position.

Riggins said Jim Brown, Franco Harris and himself were the only 10,000-yard rushers to be lined up about five-and-a-half yards behind the ball.

John Riggins B & W

Most tailbacks in today's game can see everything easier because they are about eight yards off the ball when the quarterback is under center.

Another gem from Riggins was his assessment of former Washington offensive tackle Trent Williams, who Riggins said can't do something that's key to the position. 

Oh and if you want to know what's on John Riggins’ Thanksgiving table today as the WFT takes on a team he grew up rooting for -- it's not cranberries.

"I've never been a cranberry fan," Riggins said.

Riggo's full menu was at the very top of the interview courtesy of TheFanDC.com (7:55 in).