EXCLUSIVE: Which 4 NFL Teams Will Bid On Exiting Washington Exec?

As SI has been detailing for days, Kyle Smith will be coveted. Let's go behind the scenes if the Washington front-office movement
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We reported quite some time ago that Washington VP of Player Personnel Kyle Smith would be exiting the WFT. The Football Team has made its front-office moves - if your first name is "Martin'' you had a shot! - and now the 36-year-old Smith is heading out the door.

And, as our Chris Russell has been detailing for days, Kyle Smith will be coveted. 

By coach Jon Gruden's Las Vegas Raiders? 

By San Francisco via Niners coach Kyle Shanahan?

By coach Sean McVay's Los Angeles Rams?

By coach Matt LaFleur's Green Bay Packers?

Via our Russell-led reporting at Washington Football at SI and The Team 980, let's bullet-point this:

*There is nothing especially dramatic about the Rivera/Smith dynamic. Maybe it's about a "clean sweep'' of a previous administration. But ... All along, we've written and talked about Smith's "inevitable" departure. It's mostly about coach Rivera exercising his earned power to surround himself with trusted lieutenants like new GM Martin Mayhew and new top aide Marty Hurney.

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*WFT parts ways knowing full-well that Smith is respected and coveted. Indeed, we have reported that if the 49ers - who just lost their VP of Player Personnel Mayhew to WFT - wish to hire Smith, even though it might represent a lateral move, WFT will grant that wish.

*By the way, speaking of lateral moves: We reported a week ago that Rivera's top two candidates for the GM job were Hurney and Mayhew. Then we reported that Rivera wanted to "double-dip'' and hire both. And finally, we were told it would likely be Hurney as the GM ... 

But wait. We wonder if the reason Mayhew actually got the title is that trying to hire Mayhew as anything "less'' would've been viewed as a Niners-blockable "lateral move.''

So, switch titles. Get to work at whatever your work was going to be. All good.

*Sources tell Washington Football at SI that Raiders coach Gruden and his GM, Mike Mayock, frequently clash. Some of it is just Gruden's nature; some of it may be enough for Mayock to bow out.

Maybe Mayock stays. Maybe not. But in either event, we have reported that behind the scenes, Gruden has long admired Kyle Smith's work. It's a fit.

*The Rams just lost their director of college scouting to the Detroit Lions, as Brad Holmes. L.A. therefore could use an "assistant GM'' type ... and it just so happens, of course, that McVay was Washington's offensive coordinator for seven years before leaving in 2017 to coach the Rams. Again, a natural fit.

*Oh, and speaking of how Gruden can give you the needle ... and what a smart club this all is ... are you aware of "Piss Boy''?

 *LaFleur, who now coaches the Packers, is also a former Washington assistant who has worked with Smith. Sources tell us that behind the scenes, Green Bay has already reached out here.

*Tim Gribble and Cole Spencer are two names to now monitor in Washington, but the big cogs are turning ... and a whole new administration now turns its attention to the next major task: Who will be the No. 1 QB in 2021?

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