'FedExFred', Dwight Schar and Bob Rothman Reportedly Trying to Sell Stake in Organization

Now we know a little more on why Fred Smith & FedEx did what they did Thursday. He's trying to get out & so two other partners.

The hits just keep on coming for the 'Washington Whatevers' or the NFL team that currently resides in Virginia. 

After the most remarkable two weeks in franchise history, the organization is now facing a complete fracture in Dan Snyder's longtime ownership group. 

This news clears up why Fred Smith or 'FedExFred' as I'm calling him - absolutely ambushed the organization that he is a partner in. 

When you add in the Washington Post story late Sunday night that apparently a third minority owner, Bob Rothman, wants out as well - you have a complete mess. 

Part of the reason that Smith, Rothman and Dwight Schar are having issues selling their stake in the team has to be because of the name debate, right? 

Who in their right mind would buy a piece of a product that is a lightning rod of controversy? Not to mention - an organization that is hemorrhaging fans and losing out on revenue because of the constant chaos and dysfunction. 

I have to wonder and it's really more than a wonder - did Smith, Rothman and Schar's looming divorce from the organization start with the name or with Snyder's long refusal to fire Bruce Allen until finally giving in last December? 

On at least several occasions, I had heard from sources about the minority owners being frustrated with Snyder and completely agitated with Allen's lack of leadership over his 'decade of destruction.' 

Now it appears that the group, who despite finally getting their wish that Allen was removed,  apparently want more. 

As the 'Washington Football Disaster Turns' should be a soap opera or something similar. It never ends. 

The chaos will always be there and it will never, ever go away. 

Ron Rivera is just finding that out and I'm very concerned about the toll it is taking on him. Kyle Smith already knows it well and that's one of the reasons why I strongly believe he'll be out of football jail soon. 

It appears that Smith, Rothman and Schar are finding out the hard way. 

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