Five Possible New Names for Snyder & 'Skins

George Carmi

Pressure is mounting in the nation’s capital, as the Washington Football team is under duress and the team’s nickname is now put into question.

Over the last 48 hours, corporate sponsors and partners, most notably the FedEx Corporation, PepsiCo and Nike Inc. have brought insurmountable pressure to the feet of team owner Dan Snyder.

The issue came to a head last night, as Nike pulled all apparel featuring the ‘Redskins’ moniker.

Considering this, owner Dan Snyder is now caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. If he elects to change the team name, he may alienate a large segment of “diehard” fans who swear they will leave if the name is changed. To them, the team moniker is a symbol of honor and respect for Native Americans, and elicits deep rooted memories of their childhood.

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On the other hand, if Snyder remains firm and retains the name, he may further damage his already fragile national image, and create more enemies in a politically charged climate in 2020. As we have seen over the years, the team’s fan base has been hemorrhaging already, and the team has struggled to fill up their home at FedEx Field.

So what is Snyder to do? I propose five name changes that may be a happy medium for all vested parties

1. The Washington Redhawks

For those who closely follow the team, the acronym “HTTR” holds special significance. This abbreviated form of “Hail to the Redskins” is the calling card of almost all fans on social media or in person. While walking into the stadium, or giving a peer a high-five, fans of the team yell “HTTR” as a form of unity. It also has an added bonus to mock Dallas Cowboys fans when they get especially belligerent in the DC Metro area. If the team adopts the Redhawks nickname, not only could the acronym of “HTTR” continue to exist, but Redhawks also fits seamlessly into the team fight song.

Hail to the Redskins - Fight Song

The Best Fight Song in Sports. Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves on the Warpath! Fight for old D.C.! Run or pass and score -- we want a lot more! Be...

The Redhawks name also provides a loose interpretation to Native American ancestry, where the team could link it’s historical past to a more modernized future. The team could maintain it’s burgundy and gold colors, as well as keep their logos which contain feathers. This transition fosters the nostalgia of the older fanbase, without disrupting it completely. It also eradicates any misconceptions of assigning a population group as a mascot.

Altogether, I feel like it is the most logical and seamless choice to maintain the current fanbase, and usher in a new one.

2. The Washington Warriors

Similar to my previous argument, the Warriors moniker offers a link to the historical origins of the team. Although the fight song, and acronym of “HTTR” will no longer be applicable, it offers a window to broaden into other groups, such as the military. Warriors could reference Wounded Warriors who have been hurt in battle, brave Warriors who fought overseas, or Native American Warriors who settled and created the foundation of our country. The military connection to DC is a strong one, and “Warriors” opens the door to many possibilities. Including army fatigue, or tactical camouflage memorabilia that I think many fans would love.

3.  The Washington Revolution:

We wouldn’t be America without a little Revolution am I right? Considering the Nation’s Capital is named after George Washington, why don’t we honor the former President and name the city’s team after the battle he spearheaded? Revolution, by definition, means a new beginning or change, and this new name would be symbolic of that. The team could also change their colors to Red, White and Blue, and align with the rest of the city’s teams. For once, the Redskins would not be alienated, and the city would have a united front. Especially if the team moves back to Southeast Washington.

4. The Washington Renegades

To be honest, there isn’t much substance to this nickname besides the fact that you would maintain the “HTTR”. However, the name does come off intimidating, and at the very least it is unique. The team could maintain revert back to the yellow “R” helmets that the team wore in the 1970s, when Sonny Jurgensen played.

5. Washington FC:

Washington FC? For those of you that aren’t attune to the European Premier League of soccer, it is a common practice to simply name your team the “Football Club” of that city. If the team name is so hotly contested, why not drop the nickname altogether and simply go “Washington FC” or Washington Football Team. This would eliminate any insensitive innuendos in the future, and would provide Snyder a passive-aggressive snub to the corporate sponsors who abandoned him. Snyder could essentially assert, “You want to pressure me to change my name? Fine, I won’t have one.”

From a fan perspective, it does give off a modern vibe and creates a sense of individuality from the rest of the league. For once, the team could be on the cutting edge of marketing, and be one of the more unique programs. It also creates a clean slate in terms of logos, and color schemes. Snyder can go any direction he wants with it. Even maintaining a tradition logo.

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George Carmi is an editor/contributing writer to or @FPC_Redskins. He is a native of the DC metropolitan area and is an avid fan of DC Sports. A former journalism major at the University of Maryland, his focus is now in public education. His earliest memories consist of Darrell Green, "The Posse" and Super Bowl XXVI. Follow him on twitter @Gcarmi21

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Redhawks, Braves, Natives would all fit with the current logo andwould ACTUALLY honor Native Americans. Redtails, Senators, or Sentinels are good too.


I believe that if the name is to be changed then it should be linked in some way to the Redskins history.

A representative name might be "The Washington War Party"

Deadskins $
Deadskins $

The Washington Foreskins


The Washington Resistance


i think the new name has to be linked back to the history of this franchise . warriors , warpath , or even braves does that .
if you rebrand the team then what you have is an expansion team .

there are redskins fans all over the country not necessarily hometown people so maybe the hometown people can live with it

. the only team i follow is the redskins . its because of its past from slinging sammy to now .

rebranding the team to redtails / federals /senators / valor /independents / generals / americans /nationals /capitols doesnt do it for me.

as the wizards are not and will never be the bullets no matter how hard you sell it . the texans arent the oilers . the clippers arent the braves .

. i cant imagine looking forward to the redtails vs cowboys rivalry . it just doesnt do it for me .

i grew up in fredericksburg VA . . if i still lived there now perhaps i could swallow the PC BS name change as a rebrand . but i live in MI now so if i dont have a link to the past like a braves /warriors / warpath with the logo being the same or near it (lance ?) then i have no real rooting interest in a rebranded team .

i would have to make some changes as to how i view football . i dont watch college football anymore because of the product being put out in our educational systems . so i wont give colleges my money to support indoctrination instead of real education where all views are welcomed and debated .

so if we have to cave to the mob mentality i hope we can pick a name that links back to the history of the team

you cant substitute redtails or warriors or braves back into the fight song . it will die as does HTTR . it works because it came naturally . you cant force it

anyway there is my 2 cents

Beer is Food
Beer is Food

If you rename the team, there should be some sort of historical tie in to the city. It helps build a sort of team patriotism. The best team names have this... the Ravens. The Patriots. The Capitals. The Nationals. And, Why even try to keep a tie in to a former team name based on racist roots with zero historical significance?

How about the Washington Independence?

Beer is Food
Beer is Food

senators, federalists, law, national defense, democracy, constitution, union.


I ultimately think Snyder chooses the Warriors.



Hey Perk,
Appreciate your effort; don't make yourself a stranger here.
However, much of the list has no chance whatsoever.
From your list exclusively?, Redhawks would be my choice.


I say keep the red part of it to honor tradition. Then the best names in my opinion are: 1. Red Dogs ( remember when a defensive blitz was a “red dog”? and lots of neat dog profiles like the Irish Setter) 2. Red Tide (Maryland shore ) 3. Red Crabs (local cuisine) 4. Red Hogs (1980) 5. Red Wave 6. Red Flash 7. Red Shock 8. Red Ink ( it is DC) 9. Red Tape or Red Tapirs 10. Red Hawks or Red Tails. Anyone like this list ?