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GM Flip: WFT Reveals Roles For Hurney And Mayhew

Sources told us the Washington Football Team is getting "two GM-caliber'' staffers as Ron Rivera successfully double-dips ... but now one gets the title

The Washington Football Team, under the guidance of coach Ron Rivera, is double-dipping in a way that benefits the front office. And which guy does which is less important than Rivera knowing that everybody involved is rowing in the same direction.

So the tip we got on Thursday is coming true, first verified by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network: Marty Hurney is aboard. And Martin Mayhew - a name that should be more than familiar to the fan base and the organization - is aboard.

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But Mayhew, not Hurney, will be the GM. 

Most importantly, as we reported weeks ago, Rivera had two top candidates for the one job. Then we broke the story, per sources, that he's getting both.

For clarity now: Maybe Hurney's desire to serve more as a "special assistant'' - as our Chris Russell has frequently reported - is the driving force.

New GM Mayhew played for the Washington organization from 1989-1992, a part of the Super Bowl XXVI team. Logically, that should not be the reason to hire Mayhew - but it's a nice feature on a resume that includes other powerful qualifications.

After his playing days, he attended Georgetown University Law School and graduated in 2000 with a J.D. degree.

Mayhew interviewed for the vacant GM post in Carolina back in 2018 that ultimately Hurney kept. Rivera was involved in that process and he has fueled the WFT charge now. 

More importantly, Mayhew has been a successful NFL executive, helping shape a talented Detroit Lions roster in the early part of this century before taking over Matt Millen's GM role in Motown in 2008. 

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He served in that role from 2008 to 2015. 

Mayhew made a big trade with the Cowboys for receiver Roy Williams, suckering Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys into a bad deal that landed Detroit first-, third- and sixth-round picks in the 2009 NFL Draft. 

In that first full draft under Mayhew's leadership, the Lions selected Matthew Stafford with the No. 1 overall pick. It wasn't an absolutely obvious pick so you have to give Mayhew and his staff for getting it right. 

With the first-rounder acquired from Dallas, Mayhew selected Brandon Pettigrew, a tight end with the No. 20 pick. 

The next year, Mayhew selected Ndamukong Suh with the No. 2 overall pick. 

Ultimately - Detroit had some good talent under Mayhew's guidance but simply did not win anywhere close to enough games. 

He was fired in 2015 and since then has filled executive roles with the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers, where he currently serves as the VP of player personnel, the same position that Kyle Smith holds for Washington. 

Smith was promoted to that title one year ago today (January 13, 2020) by Rivera and many fans are asking, "Why not Smith for the GM title?''

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Sources have told us that Smith has been readying for a number of years inside the building to be a GM, hence his promotion to running the entire personnel department. But without having any experience in the role, it may be more complicated than simply saying he should just take over the top role alongside Rivera. 

Rivera needs help with the administrative functions of a general manager, along with an extra set of trusted eyes. He doesn't need or want just a scout whose only experience and focus is scouting. Smith checks some of the boxes. But among the three or four most realistic candidates here, Mayhew checks more. ... and the Hurney-Mayhew combo platter means Rivera thinks all the front-office boxes will be checked. ... no matter who wears which title.