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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: Free to Move to Washington - In 2022?

"One possible solution to the Rodgers-Packers stalemate,'' it is suggested, could free the QB ... eventually.

Just hours before the 2021 NFL Draft came the news that Aaron Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay and would not be reporting to work with the Packers. Now, with training camp on the horizon, the reigning MVP and future Hall-of-Famer is seriously considering every option - including retirement.

How about a compromise - and one that involves the Washington Football Team?

The concept is floated by our pal Mike Silver, the NFL Network journalist who just took a side gig working in media for the WFT. That job comes to him because (beyond his considerable talents), he's a "Ron Rivera guy.''

Ron Rivera went to Cal.

Michael Silver went to Cal.

Aaron Rodgers went to Cal.

And yeah, Silver also has a good relationship with Rodgers, a Super Bowl-winning quarterback with three league MVPs who is coming off a season in which he finished with 4,299 yards and 48 touchdowns with just five interceptions.

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So here's Silver's idea, via Twitter:

"One possible solution to the Rodgers-Packers stalemate: The team could agree to lop off the final two years of his contract -- and, theoretically, not to franchise him after this season-- to set up a 'Last Dance' scenario. Not likely, but maybe Packers decide 1 year's better than none.''

Washington has passed on the idea of trading for Rodgers; as Washington SI reported at the time, Rivera was not inclined to overpay, not even for Rodgers. But Rodgers as a free agent, in a season following the expiration of Ryan Fitzpatrick's present one-year deal?

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Will Rodgers be wearing a burgundy jersey with a white No. 12 in 2021? No. Is is a fun thought that a bunch of Cal guys might get together in 2022?

It's "fun'' enough that one of the Cal guys just floated a general NFL idea that could become a specific WFT opportunity.

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