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Has Rivera Talked To Landon Collins About Washington Position Change?

"That,'' Rivera answers when the DC media asked if Collins was speaking for himself or for the organization when he said he wasn't switching to linebacker, "was Landon."

There is a tendency to think this is some sort of "gotcha'' thing involving Landon Collins, when really, the idea of the WFT moving him from safety to linebacker, or at least using his versatility to play a sort of "hybrid'' of the two - an idea we've written about this offseason - makes simple football sense.

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Even though Landon himself did not, at one early stage, see that sense.

Earlier this offseason, Collins, via his Instagram story, was asked a question by a fan about the rumors of him being switched to linebacker.

So we knew that clearly Collins did not want to move positions from safety to linebacker. 

Next step, a recent media visit with coach Ron Rivera, helping us also know that the coach isn't exactly running a democracy when it comes to the subject.

"That,'' Rivera answered when Washington Football at SI's Chris Russell asked if Collins was speaking for himself or for the organization when he said he wasn't switching to linebacker, "was Landon."

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And now this update: It is our understanding that the football coaching staff has officially conducted the conversation with the player about such a move.

This doesn't have to be about anybody "getting their hand caught in the cookie jar.'' It's just about a flexible concept. What happens if in this NFL Draft the WFT uses a premium pick on a linebacker? Then maybe Collins is fine. But what if that same pick is used on a safety? Then maybe ... everyone involved needs to be open-minded.

Washington has Kam Curl, Jeremy Reaves, Deshazor Everett (coming off season-ending injury), Troy Apke and Collins (also coming off an injury) as its top five safeties at the moment.

Collins' base salary is now largely guaranteed. So he's going nowhere, in terms of being on the roster. But in terms of going somewhere else besides just safety? 

Collins has registered his vote. Ron Rivera is in position to veto that vote. And for now, the involved parties have talked, hopefully resulting in them voting together.

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